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Wings of Hope

Create Your Own Wildlife Program


Round up a group to build bridges of hope for wildlife and the environment.


Getting Started


  • Talk to local biologists or other experts to identify a native wildlife species needing help or protection.
  • Research your species at your local library or on the internet. Become an expert on your species.


Building Support


  • Ask for assistance from your State Park Service, Natural Resources Department or National Wildlife Refuge or Park as well as local and state colleges. Identify a point person who will keep you updated with current information.
  • Choose a grade level to focus your education program and involve teachers.
  • Create a board or poster display in your school or local community center or library with the facts you have gathered.
  • Work with your school and local media to reach even more people about the species you want to help.


At the Schools


  • Educate younger students creating a “challenge” and reading centers.
  • Help students learn about native wildlife by creating new wildlife habitat. Many states and conservation groups have programs for certifying your habitat and information about starting native plant gardens.




  • Spread the word to family and friends with presentations about your wildlife species. Education is powerful!
  • Pennies for your wildlife species – Create a container so students and community members can donate funds to help save your chosen wildlife species.


Create A Wildlife Birthday Party Celebration
Click Here for Ideas/Instructions!!!