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Appeal for Late Withdrawal:

Each semester there is a deadline for withdrawal from a course. This dated is listed in the academic calendar each term. On or before this deadline, a student may withdraw from any course by simply going to the Office of the Registrar to complete the process. Some students with specialized registration holds (athletes and international students, for example) need additional approvals before withdrawing from courses. Students should see their academic advisor for more information on this process.

Once the withdrawal deadline has passed, a student who desires to withdraw from a course must submit a petition for late withdrawal to the college that offers the course in question. Depending on the student’s registration in a given term, that may mean completing appeals to more than one college. For late withdrawals from courses in the College of Arts and Sciences, the student must submit the following: 

  1. Petition form filled out with contact information and a corresponding 2nd page from the petition indicating which CAS courses are being appealed.
  2. A letter explaining details of the request including the dates involved. This letter must demonstrate that something beyond the student’s control occurred that prevented him/her from successful completion of the course.
  3. Supporting documentation (for example, hospital or police records) that substantiates the claim noted in the letter of explanation.

By university rule, all appeals for late withdrawal must be completed within one semester after the student has taken the course. (Summer semester is not counted in this calculation. Spring courses must be petitioned no later than the last day of the following fall semester.)

In the College of Arts and Sciences, a faculty committee reviews appeals for late withdrawal. If the petition is approved, the information is forwarded to the Office of the Registrar and the grade(s) will then be changed to W(s). If the petition is denied the grade(s) will stand as entered by the faculty member.

To print out a copy of the appeal, please open the following pdf: CAS Appeal for Late Withdrawal

Student Grade Appeal

Before beginning the grade appeal process, the student must meet with the instructor of the course to discuss the assigned grade and make every effort to solve the problem at the informal level. If dissatisfied with the instructor’s decision, or if the instructor is not available, the student may continue to pursue an informal solution with the Chair or Director of the department in which the course is housed. If not satisfied with the resolution of the complaint proposed by the Chair or Director, the student may proceed within ten (10) school days of receipt of the Chair’s or Director’s decision to file a written appeal with the Office of the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences. The Student Grade Appeals Policy is published in the Student Guidebook provided online by Judicial Affairs. Students should read the policy before beginning the grade appeal process. Failure to follow the correct procedures may result in a delay of the resolution of a grade appeal. The process for Student Grade Appeals can be found at

Student grade appeals apply only to the following:

Grades or other academic action taken by an instructor Grades resulting from an instructor’s:
a. Alleged deviation from established and announced grading policy
b. Alleged errors in application of grading procedures
c. Alleged lowering of grades for non-academic reasons

NOTE: The professional judgment exercised by an instructor in assigning a grade or in conducting a class are excluded from the provisions of this rule except as noted in (1), (2) a, b, and c above.

Additional Forms:

Additional forms to assist students may be accessed from the Office of the Registrar's site including: Application to Graduate (Bachelors/Masters), AA Application, Drop/Add Form, Grade Forgiveness, Transient Student, Transcript Request, and more.

Incomplete Grade Assignment Form: This form may be used by an instructor/faculty member to create a contract between themselves and their student regarding the completion of work in a course where they have agreed to award a student an "I" grade for the term.