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Study Abroad



Study Abroad Preparation
*Begin planning 6 months in advance!*

Steps for Success

 1. Contact International Services Office
      (ph. 239-590-7925)

a. Attend information session
b. Schedule appointment with Tim Gjini 

  2. Research options and select a program 

  3. Schedule appointment with CAS advisor (ph. 239-590-7196)

a. Bring program information
b. Bring course descriptions (4 preferred courses and 2 alternates)
c. Allow 10-15 business days for review 

  4. Receive course articulation information from
      CAS Advisor via Eagle Mail

  5. Schedule follow-up appointment with Tim Gjini

  6. Apply for program

  7. Have a safe and rewarding experience!

Upcoming College of Arts & Sciences Study Abroad Opportunitites:

Study Abroad in Brazil 
Study Abroad in China (Spring 2008)

Former College of Arts & Sciences Study Abroad Opportunities:

Study Abroad in Spain (Spring 2007)
Study Abroad in China (Spring 2007)