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CAS Faculty Governance

2011-2012 CAS College Governance Team

The College Governance Team (CGT) shall function as the main faculty governance committee in the College, responsible for considering College-wide matters of faculty concern, and serving as a faculty voice independent of and advisory to the CASLT. The CGT interfaces with university-level faculty teams, improves communication between administration and faculty, and participates in CAS leadership meetings through membership of the CGT chair on the CASLT. For a complete discussion of CGT responsibilities, please refer to the CAS Bylaws, Article IV.

Faculty Member

Term Expires

Department Representation

Brian Bovard


Marine & Ecological Sciences



Language & Liturature



Biological Sciences

Margaret Hambrick


Communication & Philosophy

Mari DeWees


Social & Behavioral Sciences

Thomas Beatty


Chemistry & Mathematics

Megan McShane


Theatre & Visual Arts

College of Arts and Sciences -- Faculty Documents

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Research Space Guidelines FINAL 11.23.10

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CAS Bylaws (approved September 15, 2009)

CAS Bylaws  (approved December 2005)

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