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Center for Environmental and Sustainability Education

Student Associates for a Greener Environment (SAGE)




How to Get Involved with SAGE!

If you know of a faculty member that you would like to work alongside on a project, you can establish a SAGE relationship with them and designate them as your mentor for the extent of your work. There are tons of benefits involved in getting on board with the SAGE program!

SAGE provides students the opportunity to successfully realize a goal, project, or vision, in connection with the principles outlined in the Earth Charter, by providing the support, sponsorship, and mentorship necessary to do so.

 SAGE will return for Academic Year 2015-2016. Watch this space in August 2015 for more details!



"The goals of Student Associates for a Greener Environment (SAGE) is to be a student branch of the Center for Environmental and Sustainability Education. Students who become a member will be nurtured in their leadership capacity and develop their identities as environmentally conscious individuals. Students who become associates are expected to make a serious commitment to SAGE, the mission of the Center for Environmental and Sustainability Education, and to environmental and sustainability education at FGCU. SAGE members will work within the Center's traditions of collaboration, civil dialogue and intellectual integrity.

SAGE Quick Facts

• This is an opportunity to work on a project with an Earth Charter purpose.
• Projects are designed to be a possible mentor/mentee partnership between a professor and student.
• Students can be a member of SAGE and start their own project or help guide other members with their projects.
• Contracts are created between mentors and mentees in order to establish roles in the partnership and goals for the project.
• The project could be scholarly work, environmental research, raising awareness on an important issue, or a student's own idea.
• Periodic mandatory meetings will be held for SAGE members.
• The project offers valuable time with mentors, networking on campus and in the community, and a resume builder.

SAGE Documents

Example Proposal and Budget 1
Example Proposal and Budget 2
•Example Final Report

For additional information please contact Judy Rosenberg at