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Social Media Certification Course


Fort Myers Social Media Marketing Certificate Courses

Social Media has arrived, but do you know how to use it effectively? In Harvard Business Review studies, 88% of business users reported they’re not yet using or are using social media ineffectively to benefit from its use.

To help business people gain the advantage of using social media for marketing effective branding, FGCU has teamed with Tamara Patzer, social media and internet marketing expert, to present foundation classes in social media.

The program is designed for the business owners, employees and entrepreneurs.


Social Media Marketing Certificate Course - Social Media Networking for Your Business

New Dates - TBA

This is a 6-week Social Media Marketing course designed for busy professionals. Learn the why and how of social media networking for your business. Totally online introduction workshop covers:

  • Web 2.0 Marketing, Social Media Basics and why you need to be online
  • In this course participants will set up individual and/or business accounts in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress Blog, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, and Flickr.

Prerequisite: Basic computer knowledge. Laptop or desktop computer with an Internet connection. Mobile devices such as phones and tablets may not be not compatible.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify social media platforms;
  • Evaluate social media platforms and tools;
  • Access and select appropriate social media platforms for business;
  • Locate social media platforms;
  • Create and prepare social media platforms for use;
  • Evaluate social media automation tools;
  • Set up and schedule social media posts manually and automatically;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of use of social media via mobile and other computer devices;
  • Employ the use of social media platforms to market a business, nonprofit or personal cause.
  • Set up accounts for: Gmail, Google+, YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Wordpress blog, Flickr, Instagram and other*.

Course Modules

  • Module Introduction: Intro to course and overview; Why You Want to Use Social Media
  • Module 1: Setting Up Social Media Accounts (5-10 days-plan at least one hour per activity)
  • Module 2: Social Media Automation (5-10 days-plan on one hour per activity)
  • Module 3: Social Media Measurements Overview (5-10 days-plan on one-two hours per activity)
  • Module 4: Mobile Marketing Overview (5-10 days-plan to spend one hour per activity)
  • Module 5: Content Overview (5-10 days-plan to spend one hour per activity)

Social Media Content — Brand Creation for Your Business

November 10 - December 19, 2014

This is a 6-week Social Media Content course designed for busy professionals. If you are responsible for your organization's online social media presence, this course is ideal. Learn how to develop content, procure it and automate it for personal/business pages* in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress Blog, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, and Flickr. *Other platforms as deemed appropriate.

Prerequisite: Basic computer knowledge and basic understanding of social media with social media platforms completed OR completion of Social Media Marketing for Your Business. This class is not for beginners.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the keys to building your own content "brand;"
  • Describe the content marketing brand you want to build (who to appeal to, what you want to be known for, types of content people expect from you);
  • Create your brand manifesto, including an overview of your brand, standards of style and language, tone, etc. summary of target market, likes/dislikes, preferred channels and platforms of communications, other details needed to create content;
  • Create simple, easy to implement content marketing strategy with goals and target channels/platforms;
  • Use online free tools to create content;
  • Create 6 different types of content to promote your brand;
  • Distribute content to at least 6 channels;
  • Review content with mobile friendly content checklist;
  • Draft editorial calendar;
  • Create a 'visibility' checklist of how and where you will get visibility for your brand.

Course Modules

  • Module Introduction: What is content marketing and why you should care; Learning Objectives.
  • Module 1: Create Your Brand Strategy
  • Module 2: The 6 Types of Content You Must Create
  • Module 3: Tools to Create Content
  • Module 4: Spreading the Word: How to Create Buzz about your Brand
  • Module 5: Next Steps