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Office of Continuing Education &
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Ft. Myers, FL 33919

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Paralegal Certificate Course
Advanced Paralegal Certificate Course


This intensive, nationally acclaimed program is designed for beginning as well as advanced legal workers. Training includes instruction on how to assist trial attorneys, interview witnesses, investigate complex fact patterns, research the law, and assist in preparing cases for courtroom litigation. The instruction is practice-oriented and relates to those areas of the law in which paralegals are most in demand. The Paralegal Certificate Course offers instruction on how to work as a full-time or part-time paralegal, or how to open your own freelance business.

Session 1: "Legal Terminology, Documents, Ethics, and the Litigation Process": This first session focuses on the history of American jurisprudence, the theory of law, the legal process, and the nature of litigation. Discussion will cover pre-trial, trial and post-trial procedures as well as an in depth coverage of legal ethics. At the end of the first session of class, students will know how to prepare a Complaint/Petition, Answer, Third Party Complaint/Petition, and Motion for Summary Judgment.

Session 2: "Introduction to the Evidentiary Predicate": This session covers the rules of evidence and civil procedure. Basic interviewing and investigation techniques and the development and use of demonstrative evidence will also be explained. At the end of the second session of class, students will prepare discovery matter such as Interrogatories, Request for Admissions and Request for Production of Documents.

Session 3: "Identifying Relevant Authority": During this session, students will learn how to identify relevant law, determine the differences between primary and secondary authority, and between mandatory and persuasive authority, and learn how to find and apply authority to hypothetical factual situations.

Session 4: "Introduction to Legal Research": Students will learn research techniques for use in legal memoranda, motions, and briefs. Primary and secondary source materials will be discussed, and a concise approach to legal research will be developed.

Session 5: "Legal Research Practice": Legal research skills will be applied this session with emphasis on shepardizing statutes and case law and learning to use computerized legal research terminals. Numerous research assignments will be given, discussed, and critiqued. The West Key Number System® will be learned thoroughly.

Session 6: "Legal Writing and Appellate Procedure": This final session will concentrate on the preparation and critique of legal memoranda, including an Interoffice Memorandum of Law and Appellate Brief. Principles of appellate procedure will also be reviewed. Proper citation format will be covered along with a discussion of job hunting techniques and job leads for those seeking their first employment as paralegals.

There are no prerequisites to take the course, but students will be expected to complete a significant amount of homework for each session. This program will help students increase their office's efficiency, productivity, and billable hours as well as learn new marketable job skills.

Successful graduates will be awarded a Certificate of Completion from Florida Gulf Coast University. To receive a Certificate, students must pass numerous quizzes and successfully complete several legal document writing assignments.

Available in Live, Online, DVD, and Text-Only format! Call or go online for prices.

Tuition: $1189 per person. (Tuition does not include textbooks or WESTLAW access).

Paralegal Online Course Schedule
2014 Session 3: May 5 - June 20, 2014
2014 Session 4:
June 30 - August 15, 2014
2014 Session 5: August 25 - October 10, 2104
2014 Session 6: October 20 - December 5, 2014

Paralegal LIVE CLASSROOM Course Schedule
Live Locations: Naples Center, Atrium Fort Myers, or Punta Gorda
Sat & Sun: 9:00am - 5:00pm
2014 Summer: July 12,13 / 19, 20 / 26, 27 / Aug 2,3 / 9,10 / 16,17
2014 Fall: Sept 27,28 / Oct 4,5 / 11,12 / 18,19 / 25,26 / Nov 1,2
The online course is completed in two consecutive 7-week sessions and both sessions must be successfully completed in order to receive a Certificate. Students may begin their course study with any online session offered.

Online, and Text-only Required Textbooks: 

Required Books/Materials:
$ 89.00  Westlaw Student Subscription
$139.00   Introduction to Paralegalism, 7th edition - ISBN 1-4354-0006-2
$ 49.00   Paralegal Certificate Course Workbook - ISBN 978-0-615-33356-4
$ 49.00   Legal Document Preparation Manual - ISBN 978-0-9637248-4-7
$ 40.00   A Uniform System of Citation - ISBN 9780615361161
$ 20.00   Paralegal Careers for Dummies - ISBN 0-471-79956-4
$ 20.00   Federal Civil Rules Booklet - ISBN 9781934852248

Recommended, but Not Required:
$ 45.00   Oran's Dictionary of Law

Shipping & Handling is calculated as 10% of the book total, with a minimum charge of $15 and a maximum charge of $40 per shipment.  There are no S&H charges for Westlaw, since it's processed electronically.

Total Cost:  Westlaw, Six Required Books, Standard S&H = $ 437.70
Total Cost:  Westlaw, Six Required Books, Recommended Book, Standard S&H = $ 487.20

All books are available for student purchase from Legal Studies office by calling 1-800-522-7737 or online at

Registration Information
It is recommended that you complete the registration form and mail it with your check or credit card information.
The Center For Legal Studies
523 Park Point Dr., Ste. 320
Golden, CO 80401

Or register by:
Phone: 1-800-522-77371-800-522-7737
Fax: 303-271-1777



Advanced Paralegal

Florida Gulf Coast University features online the same topical law classes that have been offered since 1980 at colleges and universities throughout the nation. These specialized classes have been attended by thousands of professionals who seek concentrated study of specific paralegal practice areas.

These classes are available to students who wish to extensively build upon their knowledge of law and paralegal studies with classes in specialized facets of contemporary law. These classes build upon the nationally acclaimed Paralegal Certificate Course© offered by Florida Gulf Coast University and over 1000 colleges and universities nationwide. Students can interact through an online forum, and assignments and exams are emailed to your instructor for critique and grading. Each of these topics is completed in one 7-week online session, and due to significant homework requirements, student can take a maximum of 3 topics per session.

The Advanced Paralegal Certificate Course can greatly enhance your understanding of many of the substantive law areas that you have discussed during the Paralegal Certificate Course©. The additional training gained through participation in these advanced classes can embellish your legal knowledge and skills, which should in turn increase your salary and marketability, and enable you to gain a strong competitive edge over other paralegals. Those who successfully complete at least six advanced topics will be awarded a Certificate of Completion from Florida Gulf Coast University.

Please call The Center for Legal Studies at 1-800-522-77371-800-522-7737 or
visit to register or order textbooks.

Course Synopsis

The Advanced Paralegal Certificate Course picks up where the Paralegal Certificate Course© left off. These substantive law classes provide students with more in-depth coverage of specific topics of law.

These topics are:

  • Advanced Legal Research
  • Victim Advocacy
  • Constitutional Law and Civil Liberties
  • Criminal Law
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Family Law
  • Water Law
  • Mediation and Other Forms of ADR
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Law and Practices
  • Intellectual Property
  • Immigration Law
  • Education Law
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Real Property Law 

There are no certificates issued for individual Advanced topics. Students who successfully complete at least six Advanced topics will receive a Certificate of Completion from Florida Gulf Coast University.

Advanced Paralegal Certificate Online Course Schedule (Available Online Only)
2014 Session 3: May 5 - June 20, 2014
2014 Session 4:
June 30 - August 15, 2014
2014 Session 5: August 25 - October 10, 2104
2014 Session 6: October 20 - December 5, 2014

Each Advanced topic is completed in one 7-week online session, and you may begin your course with any session offered throughout the year. Students can take a maximum of 3 topics per online session, and must complete at least 6 topics to earn a certificate. 

Tuition is $275 per topic ($1650 for 6). Tuition does not include textbooks or WESTLAW access.

Registration Information
The Center For Legal Studies
523 Park Point Dr., Ste. 320
Golden, CO 80401

Or register by:

Phone: 1-800-522-77371-800-522-7737
Fax: 303-271-1777