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College of Health Professions & Social Work Advising

College of Health Professions & Social Work Advising

Freshman Transition


Online Freshman Transition Workshops are offered by the College of Health Professions and Social Work (CHPSW) to welcome students to the College and provide specific information regarding their program of study. Prior to the online workshop, an Advising Hold is placed on the student's record to support the transition from First Year Advising to the college and to verify their progress toward graduation. Once a student attends CHPSW Advising required online CANVAS Transition workshop and completes intended pre-major quiz, the Advising Hold is removed to allow registration on the designated freshman priority registration date.

Getting Started:

If you have not completed the online transition workshop before April 7, 2017, you will be requried to register to attend a on-campus Transition Workshops. Transition Workshops are scheduled below for pre-majors in Athletic Training, Exercise Science, Health Science, Clinical Laboratory Science, Community Health, and Nursing majors.

You must register to attend a workshop. To complete the registration process, click on one of the scheduled workshop dates that corresponds with your major and fill out the online form. If you intend to change your major to another program offered in the College of Health Professions and Social Work, please sign up for the intended major (not your current major).

Register for a Freshman Transition Workshop Today