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College of Health Professions and Social Work -  Academic Advising

College of Health Professions and Social Work - Academic Advising

Supplemental Application


NursingCAS Guide for Applicants to the FGCU Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program 

Important Note:  It is recommended that you obtain admission to FGCU through the Office of Admissions, prior to completing the supplemental BSN application in NursingCAS.  The Nursing Admissions Committee will not consider your application, if you have not been admitted to FGCU by the BSN application deadline for the cycle in which you are applying.


The FGCU BSN Supplemental Application for Admission is available at

  • Create a NursingCAS account.
  • Select at least one program to start your application.  FGCU may not be available to select, if the application is not yet open.  However, just pick any open program to move past this step (you can delete it later when the FGCU application opens).
  • The application is divided into four sections: Personal Information, Academic History, Supporting Documents, and Program Materials.  You may complete the Personal Information, Academic History, Supporting Documents sections at any time.
  • The Program Materials section is specific to FGCU, and will only be available when the application cycle begins.
  • Do not request/submit references.  FGCU does not require them and will not consider them.
  • Applicants can check if their transcripts have been received at any time (even prior to submitting their application) using the Check Status tab in the NursingCAS application.
  • Be prepared to pay a $45 application fee when you have completed the NursingCAS application and are ready to submit it.  Additional fees will be incurred, if you apply to multiple nursing programs in NursingCAS.


For assistance with the NursingCAS application, please contact customer service representatives by calling 617-612-2880 or emailing

CONTACT FGCU School of Nursing (SON) Advisor

For guidance with the application process, please contact:

Brenda Gaynor, Nursing Advisor

Phone:  239-745-4394



Application Tips from SON advisor TRANSCRIPTS

  • Send official transcripts from all schools attended to NursingCAS at least six weeks prior to the BSN supplemental application deadline (February 1 for Fall admission; May 15 for Spring admission). 
  • NursingCAS will instruct you to request transcripts, but the transcript request is not made in NursingCAS.  Therefore, this part of the process can be completed even before you begin the NursingCAS application.  You should request official transcripts at least six weeks prior to the BSN supplemental application deadline.
  • Send official transcripts from every college or university you attended to:


             P.O. Box 9201

             Watertown, MA 02471

  • It is not necessary to use the transcript request form provided by NursingCAS.
  • Do not send high school transcripts to NursingCAS.  They are not required.


Complete this entire section.


  • Add your high school, but do not send high school transcriptsto NursingCAS.  They are not required for the FGCU School of Nursing.
  • ONLY TEAS scores should be entered in this section.  Do not enter any other test scores.   You will be asked to upload a copy of your TEAS Score Report to NursingCAS in Program Materials section of NursingCAS.
  • If you did not take the TEAS at FGCU, please send official TEAS scores to FGCU.  You can make this request at the time you take the TEAS, or through
  • If you have taken the TEAS multiple times, please select one score report to upload to NursingCAS. 
  • Your TEAS must be scored for BSN programs.  If your TEAS was scored for ADN programs, FGCU will re-score it for BSN programs when they receive your official test scores from ATI.
  • Be sure to enter any current or future semesters of enrollment, if you are still completing prerequisites.  The School of Nursing needs this information to understand your plan for completion of any remaining prerequisites. 


  • Do not request/submit references.  FGCU does not require them and will not consider them.


Documents subsection

  • Upload your TEAS score report.  Although you entered your TEAS scores in the Academic History Section, a copy of your score report is also required in this section.  If you did not take the TEAS at FGCU, please send official TEAS scores to FGCU.  Your TEAS results must be scored for BSN programs, and the FGCU Testing Center has the ability to rescore your TEAS if it was originally scored for LPN or ADN programs.  The FGCU Testing Center must receive an official TEAS score report from ATI Testing, in order to rescore your test results.

Prerequisites subsection

  • Although you may have entered the nursing prerequisites during the transcript entry process in the Academic History Section, you must enter them again in this section.

Questions subsection

  • The third question in this section allows you to make a “Statement to the Admissions Committee”.  A response to this question is not required, but if you feel there is information you wish to share with the committee, please do so in 500 characters or less (approximately 80-100 words).