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College of Health Professions and Social Work -  Academic Advising

College of Health Professions and Social Work - Academic Advising

Social Work


The BSW Program prepares students for strengths-based generalist professional practice that teaches students to assist individual, families and groups to identify their strengths and solve problems. Graduates will be equipped to work in a variety of public, nonprofit, and proprietary human service agencies.

This upper division undergraduate program is designed to mesh both with community college associate degrees and the General Education Program at FGCU. In the junior and senior years, students will develop a core set of skills in case management, information and referral, and community organization which can be utilized in a variety of practice settings. Graduates are prepared for advanced study if they want to pursue a graduate degree. Those choosing to enter a MSW program must do so within 5 years after completion of the BSW in order to receive advance standing. Please visit Curriculum Map at

  • Local Partnerships: The Division of Social Work participates in the College of Professional Studies partnerships throughout the state. The Center for Public Policy collaborates with many area organizations. The internships in local agencies are supervised by social work professionals.

  • International Partnerships: The Division of Social Work has established a relationship with the University of the Applied Sciences, Bochum, Germany, and the University of Guyana, S.A.

  • Distance Learning: About 30 percent of the coursework for the BSW program is currently available via distance learning; our goal is to have 60 percent online. Additional courses are added each year. See the college academic advisor for information.

  • General Education: Students are expected to complete 36 hours of approved general education coursework during the first two years of attendance (see the General Education section). Some coursework can be used to satisfy both general education and common prerequisite requirements.