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Clinical Mental Health Counseling M.A.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling M.A.



Counseling program student make progress through the program as a cohort. Cohorts begin each fall. Every student is provided with a plan of study that specifies their course sequence and when each course will be completed. These are signed by the student and a program advisor and copies are maintained in the student's file.

All courses are offered in sequence and most are available once per year. Students whose lives force change or interruptions from the program schedule or plan of study to which they have committed are required to work with an advisor to revise their plan of study. This revised plan of study must be signed by the student and a program advisor. Advising for the Counseling program is divided among the Counseling faculty based on the alphabet. Students are assigned an advisor upon admission. The current advising assignments are:

Student's Last Name begins with  Advisor  Telephone  E-mail  Office
 A-I  Dr. Abbe Finn  (239) 590-7772   MH-289
 J-O  Dr. Molli Bachenberg (239) 590-7798
 P-Z  Dr. Russell A. Sabella  (239) 590-7782  MH-269 


Information for Graduation

  • All students must apply to graduate early in the term in which they plan to graduate.  Students must be registered for at least onhe course during their graduation semester. Students are responsible for monitoring the application deadline each term if they plan to graduate.
  • All students must complete an comprehensive exit exam during the fall of their final year. 
  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduates are eligible to apply for registered Intern status upon graduation and identification of a post-graduate supervisor.  For more information contact Florida’s Department of Health at Florida Licensing Board 
  • Application to graduate