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Clinical Mental Health Counseling M.A.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling M.A.

Field Experiences/Forms



All counseling students engage in field study beginning in their second term during the first Practicum course and continue, almost every semester, throughout the rest of their course of study. Internships require time at sites under the supervision of a professional at that site and small and large group supervision on campus with program faculty. Field experiences and internships require successively more complex tasks and performance and may require recordings that are reviewed by supervisors and peers for assessment, feedback, and professional development.

All program interns are required to carry professional liability insurance coverage throughout their field experiences. Such coverage may be available as a benefit of membership in professional associations or are available for purchase at very reasonable rates for students. Contact the state or national associations for more information.

Many field experience sites have prior selection processes and background checks as well as fingerprinting. Most will require an orientation. It is important to meet with the FGCU Department of Counseling clinical coordinator early in the semester before each internship for an interview to determine interests, availability and goodness of fit.

Field Experience LINKS

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Internship Deadlines


  • Student must submit their choice of sites for Fall 2016 by March 15.
  • Students are expected to have made contact with the approved site selections by April 30th.
  • Placement must be secured by May 30th or a placement cannot be guaranteed 

Students who would like to request a change of site placement for the Spring semester must make contact with the program by October 5th and secure a placement with the new site by November 10th. 

Students should not contact sites or make arrangements without first coordinating with the Clinical Coordinator and/or department faculty. 

Where do our Students do their Internships?

Picture of Southwest Florida

School Counseling Internship Sites

  • The Lee County Schools
  • The Collier County Schools
  • The Charlotte County Schools
  • The Sarasota County Schools

Clinical Mental Health Internship Sites (Sample)

  • Abuse Counseling and Treatment Center
  • American Marine Institute (AMI) 
  • Catholic Charities of Naples
  • Center for Abuse, Rape and Emergency Care
  • Center for ADHD, Behavioral Change and Social Success
  • Charlotte Behavioral Health
  • Children’s Advocacy of SW Florida
  • Coastal Behavioral Health
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Family Preservation
  • The Gabel Center
  • Genesis III Counseling Center
  • Lighthouse Addiction
  • SalusCare
  • PACE Center for Girls
  • Park Royal Hospital
  • SW Florida Counseling
  • Thrive Therapy
  • Veterans Administration
  • The Willlough at Naples