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Health Science (M.S.)

  • Health Professions Education Concentration
  • Health Services Administration Concentration

The interdisciplinary Master of Science in Health Science program is designed to provide advanced opportunities for baccalaureate graduates. Graduates are prepared to serve as health care leaders in advanced professional roles within the diverse current and dynamic health services delivery system. In addition, graduates acquire skills and expertise in planning, developing, and implementing innovative and quality health care services.

Coursework for this degree program is offered by distance learning. This program includes a common program core, one required concentration core, and either a capstone project, internship, or a thesis. Total program length is 36 hours. Concentrations are available in Health Professions Education and Health Services Administration.

The Health Professions Education concentration is designed to assist individuals to gain knowledge and skills necessary to teach and train students, clients, patients, and health care consumers in the health care setting.  Different teaching strategies are presented for the delivery of instruction in the classroom, clinical sites, and the community.  These strategies include lecturing techniques, discussion, demonstration, problem-based learning, computer-assisted learning, personalized instruction, independent learning, and a variety of other methodologies.  Students  learn how to develop curriculum, courses, lesson plans to deliver instruction and how to construct assessment instruments such as tests and observation tools for evaluation of performance.  This concentration will prepare students to become either didactic or clinical educators of health professionals at community colleges, universities, health care organizations, technical schools, community health organizations, and diagnostic corporations. All of the courses necessary to complete this program are available by web based distance learning.

The Health Services Administration Concentration is designed to prepare individuals who seek specialized education in health services administration.  The flexibility of the program offers baccalaureate degree graduates the opportunity to acquire expertise and specialization in line with their interest, needs and career applications in health services administration. All of the courses necessary to complete this program are available by web based distance learning.

The program embraces different backgrounds and interests and is appropriate for individuals who wish to gain further interdisciplinary education in health services administration and Health Professions Education.