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Nurse Anesthesia (M.S.N.)

Nurse Anesthesia (M.S.N.)

Program Requirements for 2016-2017 Catalog Year

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Required Courses in the Major (81 credits)
NGR 5431L Clinical Practicum I (1)
NGR 5432L Clinical Practicum II (1)
NGR 5433L Clinical Practicum III (6)
NGR 5434L Clinical Practicum IV (6)
NGR 5435L Clinical Practicum V (6)
NGR 5436L Clinical Practicum VI (6)
NGR 5437L Clinical Practicum VII (6)
NGR 6002 Advanced Health Assessment (3)
NGR 6002L Adv Health Assessment Practice (1)
NGR 6140 Pathophysiology I (2)
NGR 6144 Pathophysiology II (2)
NGR 6143 Adv. Anat, Physio. & Path IV (1)
NGR 6149 Adv. Anat, Physio. & Path III (1)
NGR 6156 Adv. Anatomy and Physiology I (2)
NGR 6165 Adv. Anatomy and Physiology II (2)
NGR 6400 Chem &Phys in Nurse Anesthesia (2)
NGR 6405 Adv. Principles NA Practice II (3)
NGR 6410 Perioperative Technology (1)
NGR 6420 Basic Principles of Anesthesia (3)
NGR 6421 Adv. Principles of Anesthesia I (3)
NGR 6460 Pharmacology I (4)
NGR 6461 Pharmacology II (4)
NGR 6491 Synthesis Seminar (3)
NGR 6740 Concepts/Roles of Adv Practice (3)
NGR 6811 Advanced Nursing Research (3)
NGR 6894 Global Trends & Practice Perspectives (3)
NGR 6949 Clinical CorrelationConference (3)


Additional Graduation Requirements

Apply for graduation by deadline indicated in the university calendar.

Progression Requirements

Students in this program must meet specific progression, clinical and graduation requirements. See the Nurse Anesthesia (NA) Program Guidebook, Graduate Student Handbook, General Graduate Academic Policies and FGCU Graduation Requirements.