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Nursing (B.S.N)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you offer a RN-BSN program?

No, FGCU School of Nursing does not offer a RN-BSN program.

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Can I be a part-time student in the Nursing Program?

No, The Nursing Program is a Full-Time program.

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What is the application process for admission to FGCU?
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What is the application process for admission to the School of Nursing?
  • Students MUST be accepted to the university prior to applying to the Nursing Program.
  • Students may request a School of Nursing supplemental application via email at  during university business hours Monday thru Friday.  Fall semester applications are available December 1st and Spring semester applications are available April 11th
  • A GPA of 3.0, required prerequisites and the Test of Essential Academic Skill (TEAS®) for BSN exam MUST be completed prior to submission of the application. 


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What are the deadlines to apply to the School of Nursing?


  • Fall semester - February 1st
  • Spring semester - May 15th
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What are the School of Nursing admission requirements?
  • A cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale is required for the BSN program.
  • Completion of common prerequisites for nursing, with a grade of "C" or higher.
  • Completion of a minimum of two natural sciences.  Anatomy and Physiology I and II with labs are strongly suggested as the two natural sciences.
  • Successful completion of the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS®) for BSN exam.
  • The TEAS® exam results MUST accompany the School of Nursing supplemental application.
  • Applicants who have attended, but not completed another BSN registered Nursing Program must provide a letter of support from the Dean or designee of the Nursing program that addresses the following: potential for success in a BSN program, safety in providing nursing care, inter-personal communication skills, and other information the Dean or designee deems important. Applicants from an accredited BSN program must also submit course syllabi and topical outlines for all nursing courses.
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Is there an entrance exam that needs to be taken prior to entering the program?
  • Yes. The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS®) for BSN exam is required by the School of Nursing. It is highly recommended that a study guide be purchased in order to prepare for the exam.
  • TEAS® exam results must be less than one year from the application deadline.
  • Applicants may retake the TEAS® exam once. Please note there is a 30 day wait period before retaking the exam.
  • For more information regarding the TEAS® exam, please visit the FGCU Testing and Assessment website at
  • Applicants must take the TEAS® exam from an approved testing site such as FGCU. For additional testing site locations please visit If taken at a location other than FGCU, the official score MUST be sent to the FGCU testing site.
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What is the required TEAS score?
  • There is no required score.  The average program percentile rank score of admitted students varies every semester depending on the admission pool.  Last year the average score was in the in the 74 percentile range.
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Do I need letters of recommendation or personal essays for admission into the nursing program?
  • No. If submitted, they will not influence the admission process in any manner.
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How do I get admitted as a transfer student?

Transfer students need to complete the following steps in the application process:

  • Submit an FGCU application for admission and satisfy all applicable university requirements.
  • Please follow the instructions on the Admissions webpage. Click on the following link or copy and paste it into your browser:
  • Submission of official undergraduate transcripts will be required.
  • The FGCU Admissions Office completes transcript evaluations after the application is submitted to determine if courses and credits transfer.
  • Attendance at a university orientation is required. Orientation includes meeting with an academic advisor for approval to register for courses.
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I am an International student, is there a specific process that I should follow?
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I am almost done with my prerequisites; can I apply to the program before completing these courses?
  • Yes. Students who have not completed all required coursework at the time the supplemental application is submitted MUST provide a written plan for completion of the prerequisite course(s). This is part of the supplemental application form.
  •  A final transcript must be submitted to the School of Nursing prior to the start of the BSN program.
  • Please refer to the School of Nursing BSN Admissions Information page for complete admission requirements:
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I attend FGCU, do I need to have my FGCU transcripts sent to the School of Nursing?
  • Current FGCU students do not need to submit an FGCU transcript.
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When will I find out if I have been accepted into the BSN program?

All applicants will be notified by US mail 8-10 weeks after the application deadline.

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If I do not get accepted, will my application roll over to the next semester?
  • No. Applicants that are not accepted for the semester they apply need to reapply.
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What types of courses would I take if I am accepted to the BSN program?
  • Please refer to the Program Requirements page:  

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What is the grading scale for courses in the Nursing Program?
  • The grading scale is as follows:

Numerical Grade Range                                Letter Grade


                93-100                                          A

                  85-92                                          B

                  78-84                                          C

                  70-77                                          D*

                  Less than 70                            F*

*In the School of Nursing, a grade of “C” or better constitutes satisfactory progression in required Nursing (NUR) and College of Health Professions Interdisciplinary (IHS) Core Courses.  Plus and minus grades are not awarded in the College of Health Professions.

A student must achieve a grade of “C” or higher in a NUR theory course in order to receive a passing grade (“S”) in an associated NUR lab or clinical practice course. Conversely, a student must achieve a satisfactory grade (“S”) in a NUR lab or clinical practice course in order to receive a passing grade (“C” or higher) in the associated NUR theory course.

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How long does it take to complete the BSN program?
  • The Nursing Program requires enrollment in consecutive semesters. This includes Summer.
  • Fall admission students may complete the program in five (5) consecutive semesters and Spring   admission students may complete the program in six (6) consecutive semesters.
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What are the costs of the program?
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Can I work while enrolled in the Nursing Program?
  • Due to the rigorous program requirements it is highly recommended that students DO NOT work.  In the first semester, for example, students can expect to spend a total of approximately 20 hours per week in class and labs. For each hour in a class or lab students should plan to spend a minimum of three hours studying. Successful students have been known to spend 60 hours per week in class, labs and studying.
  • Time requirements remain much the same for students as they progress through the Nursing Program.
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Will I have to travel to clinical sites required for nursing courses?
  • Yes. Travel is mandatory. The Nursing Program services a 5 county region. Clinical sites are chosen within the region to provide the highest level of clinical practice experience for the student. Carpooling is not always an option.