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PT - Athletic Training (B.S.A.T.)

Clinical Education


CLINICAL EDUCATION is an important part of the Athletic Training curriculum. It is the time for students to apply and expand the knowledge and skills they have learned in class. Clinical education represents the athletic training students' formal acquisition, practice, and preceptors evaluation of the entry-level Athletic Training Clinical Proficiencies. Formal evaluation of the application and integration of clinical proficiencies are completed by a preceptor and may be in conjunction with additional clinical instructors. Related to clinical education is field experience, in which students have the opportunity to practice clinical proficiencies under the supervision of a clinical instructor. Clinical education occurs in a minimum period of two academic years (5 semesters) and is associated with course credit.


Students are required to fulfill a clinical experience in each of the four areas listed. There shall be exposure to upper extremity, lower extremity, equipment intensive, and general medical experiences of both genders.

  • Equipment Intensive Rotation:  Involves a high-risk sport where all participants are required to wear protective equipment for the head and the shoulders.  Traditionally this would include football, ice hockey, and men's lacrosse.
  • Upper Extremity Rotation:  Involves athletes of high-risk sports who have sustained an injury to the upper extremity.  Traditionally this would include throwing sports, swimming, gymnastics, etc. that require extensive stresses of the upper extremity of both genders.
  • Lower Extremity Rotation: Involves athletes of high-risk sports who have sustained an injury to the lower extremity based upon injury statistics.  Traditionally this would include soccer, cross-country running, track, basketball, etc. that require extensive stresses of the lower extremity of both genders.
  • General Medical Rotation: Involves experiences that include both genders and associated with physicians, physician assistants, and/or nurse practitioners.

Clinical Sites

The Athletic Training Education Program has a variety of Clinical Education Sites for the ATS to complete his or her clinical education. FGCU has affiliations with intercollegiate athletics, local high schools, professional sports, outpatient rehabilitation settings, and with other college athletic programs.

Clinical Site Locations  ← click here for clinical site location & mileage

Some Highlights Include:

  • FGCU Division I Athletics
  • Boston Red Sox
  • Florida Everblades
  • Webber International University
  • Collier and Lee County High Schools

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