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Florida Gulf Coast University

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Physical Therapy Exercise Science (B.S.)

Why Choose FGCU?


Students select the FGCU Exercise Science major for a variety of reasons.  However, the program's most distinctive elements are:

  • The "hands-on" approach to learning about exercise science, wellness and human performance.  The course classes in the major all have required concurrent laboratory experiences that focus on "doing" instead of passive learning.

  • Year-long experiential learning (i.e. internships) designed to provide both real world and the expansion of knowledge, skills and abilities learned in the previous courses and laboratory experiences.

  • The rigorous evidence based best practice approach to learning about exercise science, human movement, health/wellness and human performance.

  • The opportunity to learn the gross anatomy lab as an undergraduate.

In addition, to the above reasons, students learn in an atmosphere that is conducive to learning in state-of-the-art laboratories and classrooms with small class sizes.  Finally, high level students have also enjoyed the opportunity to work on faculty projects and research.