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Physical Therapy Exercise Science (B.S.)

Technical Standards

The Exercise Science Program at Florida Gulf Coast University is a very rigorous program that requires the student to have the knowledge and physical ability to perform specific tasks.  The technical standards listed below, established by Florida Gulf Coast University, represent the qualities and abilities the student must possess to succeed in the Exercise Science Program.
  1. Possess sufficient verbal and non-verbal communication skills that are necessary to communicate effectively within diverse situations and to people with different social and cultural backgrounds.
  2. Demonstrate professional behaviors and standards needed to assimilate, analyze, and clearly process in a logical, practical manner to effectively implement proper care to the physically active or sedentary individual through the use of established protocols.
  3. Demonstrate a calm demeanor during highly stressful/emergency situations and make sound judgments for the physically active or sedentary and the medical professional.
  4. Ability to develop a rapport with fellow students, health care professionals, instructors, community site supervisors and other individuals to insure quality medical attention is achieved.
  5. Ability to record information given by individuals such as clients, athletes, medical personnel and instructors efficiently and accurately.
  6. Sufficient strength, coordination, auditory perception, and sensory function to be able to perform physical assessments and activities,  as well as position, transport and assist in the moving of an individual.