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Physical Therapy Exercise Science (B.S.)

What is Human Performance


Human Performance embraces the study of the physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual dimensions of movement. In particular, the Human Performance program at FGCU provides the opportunity for students to learn how the body responds to activity and exercise throughout the lifespan. The emphasis of the program is to teach students how the body can attain a higher level of wellness and/or increase performance capabilities. Students majoring in Human Performance at FGCU will have an opportunity to become well-prepared practitioners in their chosen field by utilizing the strong science preparation and the interdisciplinary professional skill development in the curriculum. An additional unique aspect of the FGCU program is the applied and critical thinking oriented learning activities that are utilized during the final 60 semester hours of the Human Performance Program.

The Human Performance program at FGCU is intended to prepare graduates for entry level careers that deal with the enhancement of individual health and/or performance capabilities. The graduate of the HP program will receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Performance and be provided an appropriate background to pursue graduate studies in exercise science or other health-related disciplines.






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