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Physical Therapy (D.P.T)

Essential Functions

The following are essential functions needed for successful completion of the Athletic Training, Physical Performance, and Physical Therapy programs at Florida Gulf Coast University.  Students must be able to perform, with or without reasonable accommodations, each of these essential functions in order to fully participate in the program and successfully complete the requirements of the program in which they are enrolled.  A student requesting accommodation in regard to carrying out any of these essential functions must realize that although he/she may meet program requirements to graduate, he/she may not meet some requirements of licensure and employment in the profession. 
Florida Gulf Coast University, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the university's guiding principles, provides classroom and academic accommodation to students with documented disabilities.  Students are responsible for providing documentation of disability to the Office of Adaptive Services.  Whether or not a requested accommodation is reasonable will be determined on an individual basis in consultation with the Office of Adaptive Services.  (See current FGCU Student Guidebook). 



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