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PT - Physical Therapy (D.P.T)

Psychomotor Functions

  1. Physically move or support patients/clients/classmates/equipment in a variety of situations and safely and skillfully supervise/instruct the movement/support of patients/clients/classmates utilizing a minimally trained technical support person.

  2. Demonstrate the ability to observe and practice universal precautions.

  3. Demonstrate the ability to perform emergency first aid and Health Care Provider CPR (American Heart Association BLS, including defibrillator).

  4. Safely and reliably read meters, dials, and printouts.

  5. Manipulate and operate examination and intervention equipment, monitoring devices, and computers.

  6. Demonstrate appropriate body mechanics and react safely and appropriately to sudden or unexpected movements of patients/clients/classmates.

  7. Demonstrate the ability to work in an environment which requires significant physical activity and mobility throughout the workday and which does not compromise patient or therapist safety. 

  8. Hear and comprehend the spoken word and auditory signals from equipment. 

  9. Write legibly and clearly by hand and by computer.

  10. Safely, reliably, and efficiently perform appropriate examinations and interventions.  See appendix for listing of sample (incomplete) examinations and interventions, listed by program.