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Research Day


Research Day 2014

Obstetric Brachial Plexus Palsy in a Female Collegiate Soccer Player.  Barry A, Felton S, Romasco A

Chronic Plantar Fasciitis in a Division I Female Basketball Player.  Burke M, Felton S, Loring B

The Effect of Kinesio Tape on Concentric Force Production of the Recuts Femoris and Tibialis Anterior in Healthy, Un-Injured Adults.  Center K, Salinas A, Venglar M, Craddock J

The Effect of a Pediatric Specialty Certification in Physical Therapy on Status and Clinical Practice.  Chmielewski K, Weniger E, Bevins S, Donald E

Aquatic Therapy for a Patient Post-Stroke: A Case Report.  Duffy K, Swanick K, Venglar M

Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroscopy.  Ellis E, Felton S

Golf Physical Therapy for Performance and Injury Prevention.  Esperon D, Black S, Bevins T

Upper Extremity Effort Thromosis of a Minor League Baseball Pitcher.  Falis J, Felton S, Jacson C

The Effects of Alter-G (Anti-Gravity Treadmill) Training on Ambulation for a Person with a Chronic Spinal Cord Injury.  Goddard L, Golde T, Bowditch J, Venglar M, Hunt D

A Significant Knee Injury in a Division III Football Player:  MCL and ACL Tear.  Hanno K, Felton S, Knight R

Applying Developmental Coordination Disorder Treatment Theories to Physical Therapy Practice: A Case Report.  Hodges M, Donald E, Bevins S

Shoulder Strength & Conditioning for Injury Prevention in Baseball Players. Jones K, Bevins T, Henderson K

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy in the Clinical Setting.  Kantner K, Duncanson R, Felton S

The Validity of a New Device ("The Quad Rule") that Aims to Increase the Accuracy of Determining the Center of the Patella.  Lewis J, Bevins T, Hogg R

Hamstring Semitendinosus Auto-Graft Compared to Bone-Patellar Tendon-Bone Auto-Graft in Reconstruction of Anterior Cruciate Ligament for a 20 Year Old Soccer Player.  Magee T, Felton S, Jones K

Overuse Injury & Running: A Biomechanical & Functional Movement Approach. Mahan J, Black S, Bevins T

The Effect of Whole Body Vibration Training on Balance and Strength of the Lower Extremity Muscles in Older Individuals.  McClain S, van Duijn A, van Duijn J

The Effects of Core Strengthening on the Gait Pattern of an Obese Middle School Child.  Mikaiel J, Donald E, Black S

Self-Reported Use of Vital Signs in the Adult Outpatient Physical Therapy Setting.  Peters J, Donald E, Swanick K

Orthopedic Manual Therapy Techniques in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Cervicogenic Headaches: A Case Report.  Rodgers H, van Duijn A

Maisonneuve Fracture in a Male Collegiate Football Player.  Rodriguez S, Felton S, Guadalupe I

Concussion Treatments, Returning to Normal, and Post Concussion Syndrome (PSC) with Associated Anosmia in a University Athletic Training Student.  Smelker H, Felton S

Comparing the Effectiveness of Teaching Partial Weight-Bearing Between Two Methods.  Weniger T, Shamus E, van Duijn J, Bevins S

Rehabilitation of a Bankart Lesion.  Zeitler K, Timme M, Felton S