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Social Work (MSW) Program

Social Work (MSW) Program

Field Instructor Training



As the field instructor, you are viewed by the school as a full educational partner in the provision of a quality student education within a responsible cooperative framework.  Among the intrinsic rewards reported by those who assume the field instructor role is the impetus to remain current in field, intellectual stimulation, exposure to contemporary curricula, university affiliation, professional growth, and refining supervisory skills.  Additional rewards include the opportunity to participate in student education, "give back" to the profession, and contribute to a qulaity work force for social services.

In the 2008 EPAS Educational Policy 2.3 (see link below), field education was defined as the signature pedagogy.  Field Education now "represents the central form of instruction and learning in which a profession socializes its students to perform the role of practitioner."

Field education is an essential component of both the BSW and MSW programs.  It is where theories and concepts are integrated with actual social work practice.  The field placement is guided by standards set forth by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) and the BSW and MSW Program Mission.

Paying it Forward

As our programs grow, we will continue to look for settings that will offer our students learning opportunities.  If you are a social worker interested in providing field education, or have colleagues who are interested, please feel free to give them my contact information.  Together, we can help in the development of competent social work practitioners!

Lori D. Carroll, MSW, LCSW
Field Education Coordinator

Field Instructor Training:  Who Should Attend?

Persons who are interested in supervising FGCU Social Work Students in field placement, or who wish to become Qualified Supervisors of Registered Interns:

  • Hold an MSW degree from a CSWE accredited program plus 2 or more years post graduate experience.
  • Hold a BSW from a CSWE accredited program plus 3 or more years post graduate experience.
  • MSW's or BSW's outside of the FGCU service area or other person licensed under Ch. 491 who wish to become Qualified Supervisors of Registered Interns.

This 16 hour training has been approved and meets the requirement for Qualified Supervisor under Florida Chapter 491.  Upon completion of this course, 16 CEU's will be provided to professional participants by Florida Gulf Coast University, Department of Social Work, CE Provider.

Any questions about the training or associated fees should be addressed to the Field Education Coordinator, Lori D. Carroll, LCSW,, 239-590-7726.

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