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The Department of Social Work

The Department of Social Work

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The Department of Social Work
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Licensure Application


As part of the process of getting licensed in the State of Florida, a Verification of Field Practice Letter must be submitted to the Licensing Board from the FGCU MSW Program.  The Application for licensure is at:  (  In addition, Advanced Standing Program graduates are required to provide verification of courses waived upon admission.

To request this letter from the FGCU MSW Program, complete the attached Request Form (PDF below) and return it to Dr. Thomas Felke.  The form may be submitted via email to Dr.  Thomas Felke at , via fax to 239-590-7758 or in person at 10501 FGCU Blvd., South, Merwin Hall Room 131A, Fort Myers, FL  33965. 

Each request will be acted upon within 1 - 2 weeks.  The letter will be sent directly to the Board.  When the letter is mailed to the Board, the graduate can expect to be notified by email along with an electronic copy of the letter.  Graduates who would rather have a photocopy of the signed letter should provide a self-addressed stamped envelope along with their initial request; in which case, this will constitute notification.

Graduates who are applying for licensure to States other than Florida and need similar types of verification letters should submit their requests to Dr. Thomas Felke with as much information as possible regarding what is required.  The same policies with regard to turnaround time and notification apply.

Questions regarding this procedure should be directed to Dr. Thomas Felke at 239-590-7841 or

Form:  Request for Verification Letter for Licensure