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College of Health Professions and Social Work

College of Health Professions and Social Work

About Marieb Hall



The naming of Marieb Hall will forever remind Florida Gulf Coast University and the community what an amazing educator, scholar and person Dr. Elaine Nicpon Marieb is to the College of Health Professions and Social Work.

Florida Gulf Coast University opened the new health professions building in January 2012. The $28 million facility contains state-of-the-art practice laboratory facilities, classroom and conference spaces, and offices that greatly supports and nurtures the inter-professional mission of the College which will sustain its programs and enrollment for the next decade.

The new facility contains laboratories in the School of Nursing that simulate an operating room, an intensive-care unit, a labor and delivery room, a pediatrics room, and general medical surgical suites that contain various wireless adult, adolescent and infant patient mannequins. Additionally, the School of Nursing has a Foundations Skill laboratory and a Health Assessment Laboratory which supports the undergraduate and graduate programs in Nursing.

The building also features a NASA-developed anti-gravity treadmill in the Human Performance Laboratory and completely dedicated aquatics rehabilitation suite featuring a state-of-the-art Hyrdoworx therapy pool with an integrated treadmill. Moreover, the aquatic rehabilitation suite contains a separate facility that supports multiple hydrotherapy tanks, ice machines, and a washer and dryer. The Musculoskeletal Laboratory contains numerous advanced therapeutic modalities, therapeutic exercise, multiple pneumatic treatment tables, and a state-of-the-art diagnostic ultrasound unit.

Additionally, students majoring in Occupational Therapy have the opportunity to learn how to restore activities of daily living in a full scale 1-bedroom apartment laboratory, as well as learn how to teach patients to re-establish automotive driving skills in their simulation laboratory; students majoring in clinical laboratory sciences will advance their learning of histology, cytology, and hematology in their new microscope laboratory as well.

Marieb Hall also supports interdisciplinary collaboration of faculty and students with colleagues in the College of Engineering through the Neuromuscular Laboratory which boasts a 10 camera Qualisys Optical Video 3-D motion capture system with integrated AMTI force platforms and a Noraxon wireless EMG system. The Sports Medicine Laboratory, which supports the Athletic Training program, contains numerous taping stations, rehabilitation treatment tables, many therapeutic modalities and a Biodex System 3 exercise dynamometer.

All of these laboratories are supported by the latest information technology where each space has its own customized media controls.