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University Marketing and Communications

University Marketing and Communications

Frequently Asked Questions


Disseminating News

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How do I know if my event/news should have a press release?

The University is always looking for ways to promote our programs, accomplishments and messages to the public. Our news staff is expert at finding niches where events or news items may be picked up by media. Certainly there are some events that will have little value, but you should always contact a media specialist for advice. The successful placement of any topic in the media is often hard to predict and even simple stories may be of interest to some of our audiences. Contact Director of Media Relations Lillian Pagan at 590-1086 or e-mail at for press release requests or inquiries.

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How do I get a press release prepared?

The first step is to inform us of the event. After we help you identify the validity of the story and the recommended channels for its distribution, we will prepare a press release for distribution accordingly. Our staff is expert at crafting a release for best exposure. Although suggestions are often helpful when developing the release and fact checking is paramount, the Office of Community Relations and Marketing provides the final editorial responsibility.

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How can I get a copy of your media lists?

We do not release our media lists. This is a standard policy by most news organizations. Considerable energy and effort goes into developing and maintaining these lists as well as the network of news colleagues and contacts they represent. These resources are protected out of regard for these relationships to ensure that contact

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How can I find the story/press release I saw some time ago on the web?

FGCU E-News is our on-going effort to keep the FGCU campus, the media and the community-at-large informed about breaking news, noteworthy achievements and upcoming events at FGCU. FGCU E-News is distributed electronically and you will receive University news immediately as it is released to the public. Simply provide us with your name and email address and you can begin to receive FGCU E-News right on your desktop. It’s that easy. To find news that has passed visit the archives at

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How do I get a story on the FGCU Homepage?

The “LATEST” news feed on the FGCU homepage is managed by the Office of Community Relations and Marketing. Press releases that have been distributed to the media immediately appear in the LATEST feed.

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What should I do if the media contact me about a story/interview?

It is not uncommon for members of the media to call faculty and staff directly for information about the college, a specific program, class, faculty, students, events, building plans, research reports and personnel changes, etc. To make sure we conduct a well-coordinated media relations program, please refer media inquiries and requests for “official” University position or statements to Chief of Staff & University Spokesperson Susan Evans at 590-1057 or All other inquiries contact the Office of Community Relations and Marketing at 590-1081.

Expert Directory/Speakers Bureau

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What is the FGCU Expert Directory and how do I get onto it?

Community Relations and Marketing maintains an Expert Directory and Speakers Bureau of faculty and staff who are willing to be interviewed by the media for expert commentary on various topics. This directory is organized by expertise areas and is published on our website. If you would like to be considered for inclusion in this resource, complete the online application located on the Web at The CRM news staff will review your data and then determine the appropriate fit for the guide.

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What is the Speakers Bureau and how do I get onto it?

Community Relations and Marketing maintains the FGCU Speakers Bureau, a valuable tool for community organizations that seek speakers on specific topics or to address an audience with a particular interest. You are encouraged to join on the Web at

Calendar Listings/Ongoing Media Opportunities

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What is This Week @ FGCU and how do I submit items?

This Week @ FGCU is an emailed schedule that informs recipients of the succeeding week’s events on campus. Distributed on Friday, the calendar shows public events for the coming week with contact information. It includes a secondary list for the following week. To submit items, contact the Office of Community Relations and Marketing at 590-7397 or

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What is PERFORMANCE E-newsletter and how do I submit my information?

PERFORMANCE is the FGCU faculty and staff e-newsletter of professional accomplishments published the first week of every month. Employees will find a listing of their colleagues’ current professional presentations, new grant awards, recent article and book publishings, promotions, and outstanding awards and recognitions, such as fellowships, elections to office in professional organizations, and leadership in faculty senate. Visit online submission page at to submit an achievement.

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How can I get a photo displayed on the homepage?

Community Relations and Marketing will consider all suggestions and evaluate them for this column. The decision to feature a photo on the FGCU homepage ( is at the discretion of the department for appropriateness.