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University Marketing and Communications

University Marketing and Communications

Speakers Bureau


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Andert, Darlene Business Topics
Angeletti, Michelle Health professions
Anstadt, Scott Diversity, Human Behavior, Human Relations, Human Services
Baron, Michael Arts, Music History
Bergerson, Peter Politics and Government
bhjbpwyu, datdkmwc Arts
Bouche, Anne-Marie Arts
Braddy, Jon Communication and Language, Human Behavior, Politics and Government, Public Administration
Cifatte, Chris Business Topics, Public Relations/Mass Media Communications
Cinoman, Andrew Human Behavior, Student Development
Coticone, Sulekha Forensics
Coughlin, Rick History/Current Affairs, Politics and Government
De Welde, Kris Human Sexuality, Sex/Gender Issues
Demers, Nora Environmental Issues, Sciences
Diotalevi, Bob Criminal Justice, Law
Dobbert, Duane L. Criminal Justice, Human Behavior
Downes, Loureen Health Issues
dufatcby, hxshyqck Business Topics
Eichbauer, Melodie Legal History, Medieval History in the Modern World
Elgart, Alison Anthropology
Elliott, Elizabeth Early Childhood, Education Issues
Engle, Steve Criminal Justice
Evans, Amanda Human Behavior, Human Relations
Evans, Susan FGCU Growth and Opportunity, Public Administration
Fauerbach, Michael Astronomy, Sciences
Felke, Thomas Census Impact on Our Community, Distance Learning, Technology
Finley, Penny Education Issues
fjlwpbir, rfraecdd Criminal Justice
Foote, Nicola History/Current Affairs
Frost, Laura Education Issues
Garcia-Fierro, Luis Criminal Justice, Gun Violence, Human Behavior, Latin America, Terrorism, Violence in Schools
Green, Jr., Robert W. Social Ethics
Griffis, John Plants, Insects, and Animals, Sciences
Gunnels, Charles Environmental Issues, Human Behavior, Plants, Insects, and Animals, Sciences
gyovywed, rnafwnmq Agriculture
Hart, Mary Human Behavior, Human Services
Hartke, Joanne Business Topics, Continuing Education, Renaissance Program
Horton, J. Webb History/Current Affairs, Human Relations, Politics and Government, Sports
iaiycspm, ogplfmhh Anthropology
idnbbvus, bdnbaxsp Astronomy
jgjhbqrw, kxrpnkfy Agriculture
Kauanui, Sandra Business Topics
Laviolette, Marc FGCU Growth and Opportunity
Lennertz, Reid Business Topics
lmerdqbt, hwbhqjlb Criminal Justice
luufryxn, pornuhid
Man, Dr. San African Diaspora, Violence in Schools, Diversity, Gun Violence, Hospitality/Resort Management, Social Ethics
McGaha, Johnny Criminal Justice
McShane, Megan C. Arts, Continuing Education, Environmental Issues, History/Current Affairs, Liberal Arts
Meij, Jan Martijn Diversity, Environmental Issues, Politics and Government, Sex/Gender Issues
Murray, Elizabeth Nursing Shortage
Musolino, Adam FGCU Academic Programs, Human Behavior, Human Relations, Human Services, Technology
navoseeu, qljmhlng African Diaspora
O'Neill, Robert Engineering
oasmjlsa, gpqadlcb
oysxhlgh, ipjniwft Arts
Paine, Morgan Arts
Pavelka, Sandra Criminal Justice, Politics and Government, Public Administration, Sex/Gender Issues, Violence in Schools
Peterson, Barbara Financial Aid
Planas, Tony Metric System
qbfxxqfj, rttsboba Business Topics
qjmefqwe, xwpaxbka Astronomy
Roberts, Thomas J. Education Issues, FGCU Academic Programs, FGCU Growth and Opportunity, Graduate education, Politics and Government, Public Administration
Rodriguez, Walter Business Topics, Continuing Education, Distance Learning, Engineering, Technology
Rosenthal, Martha Human Sexuality
Sabatka, Glenn Communication and Language, Technology
Sabella, Russell High-Tech Tools and Kids, Technology, Violence in Schools
Schoenfeld, Jerry Business Topics, Continuing Education, Distance Learning, Diversity, Human Behavior
Seay, Pamella Business Topics, Criminal Justice, History/Current Affairs, Law
Simoneau, Christopher FGCU Foundation, Inc., FGCU Growth and Opportunity
Specht, Suzanne Business Topics
Strahorn, Eric Arts, Asian Studies, Environmental Issues, History/Current Affairs, Liberal Arts, Natural Resources
Sutton, Timothy Literature
Telep Jr., Daniel Politics and Government
tgqnepri, carcuprc Distance Learning
unpagsay, rexxayhw Communication and Language
Upham, Dayle Education Issues
vjyfdtqg, xfxjelbu Communication and Language
Walch, Mary Pelak Communication and Language, High-Tech Tools and Kids, Public Relations/Mass Media Communications
Walch, Sam Communication and Language, Disability Issues, Distance Learning, Education Issues, Technology
Wells, Ludmilla Business Topics
Weser, Stan Education Issues
Wilkerson, Judy Education Issues
Wimberley, Edward Environmental Issues, Gerontology, Health Issues, Human Services, Politics and Government, Public Administration
Wisdom, Joe Arts, Environmental Issues, History/Current Affairs, Liberal Arts
xncrwdms, csvqajrr Anthropology
xrhrhiix, lihpjxce African Diaspora
Yazici, Hulya Business Topics, Education Issues, Engineering
yeeiyira, qqhhfvbx Distance Learning
Yovanovich, Michele Student Development, Student Governance, Student Life and the Community
Zalewski, Janusz Engineering, Sciences, Technology
Zidek, Lisa Engineering