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Performance Newsletter - Volume 1, Issue 9

Book Publication

Linda Buettner, Suzanne Fitzsimmons, Ph.D., College of Health Professions, Health Sciences, "Dementia Practice Guidelines for Recreational Therapy", American Therapeutic Recreation Association Press, Alexandria, VA, pp. 400.

Jim Hehl, Bob Latford;John Carollo;Bill Holder;Ron Radebaugh, Physical Plant, "ARCA 50 Years of Racing", Tathwell Printing, Charlotte, NC, pp. 63.

Professional Presentations

Bob Diotalevi, JD, College of Professional Studies, Justice Studies, "Copywriting the WWW", Eighth Annual Teaching in the Community Colleges Online Conference (TCC), Kapiolani Community College, Internet, April 22-24.

Halcyon St. Hill, Ed.D., Isaacs, Madelyn, Greene, Marci, Byrnes, Margaret, College of Health Professions, Health Sciences, "Educational Reform = Sustainability ", Caribbean Studies Association 28th Annual Conference, The Greater Caribbean: Roots and Routes , Caribbean Studies Association , Belize City, Belize, May 27-30.

Halcyon St. Hill, Ed.D., College of Health Professions, Health Sciences, "Medical Errors Update", Professional Association for Laboratory Medicine, Professional Association for Laboratory Medicine, Fort Myers, FL, FL, April 11.

Janusz Zalewski, PhD, D. Guo, J. van Katwijk, College of Business, Computer Information Systems and Decision Sciences, "A New Benchmark for Distributed Real-Time Systems: Some Experimental Results", 27th IFAC/IFIP/IEEE Workshop on Real-Time Programming, International Federation of Automatic Control, Lagow, Poland, May 14-17.


Neela Chevli-Saroq, Master of Science, Catherine Beise, Salisbury University; Martha Myers, Kennesaw State University; Lewis VanBrackle, Kennesaw State University, Technology User Support, "An Examination of Age, Race, and Sex as Predictors of Success in the First Programming Course", Journal of Informatics Education Research, Quarterly 2003, pp. 51-64.

Henry Ogedegbe, Ph.D, Halcyon St. Hill, College of Health Professions, Clinical Laboratory Science, "West Nile Virus: Laboratory Diagnosis and FDA Guidance", Laboratory Medicine, Monthly 2003, pp. 445-448 &465-467.

Halcyon St. Hill, Ed.D., Henry Ogedegbe, College of Health Professions, Health Sciences, Laboratory Medicine , Monthly 2003, pp. 445 - 467.