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FGCU Wartime Experts Directory

Florida Gulf Coast University offers professional experts on issues related to the war in Iraq. These professors are available to the media for comment and to groups for speaking engagements. They may be contacted directly. Other questions may be directed to the Office of Community Relations at or call 239-590-1081

Experts Areas of Expertise
Peter Bergerson
Phone: 239-590-7813
A public affairs professor, Dr. Bergerson is available to speak on the political, diplomatic, and public policy aspects of the war including the Bush policy of "preemptive" strike.
Jon Brunner
Phone: 239-590-7950
Director of the University Counseling Center, Dr. Brunner speaks on the subject of stress and anxiety in difficult times; coping skills and information processing as it relates to highly emotional issues.
Rick Coughlin
Phone: 239-590-7177
An associate professor of political science, Dr. Coughlin
has an academic specialization in international relations
and is knowledgeable about the history of American foreign policy. He is also the academic coordinator of the Southwest Florida Model United Nations.
Paul R. Rivera
Phone: 239-590-7153
Adjunct professor in history, Dr. Rivera has expertise and
experience in the history of modern Europe and United
States-European relations. He also participated in the recent "Teach-In: A Multidisciplinary Faculty Forum Examining the Situation in Iraq" at FGCU.
Maria Roca
Phone: 239-590-7185
A communications professor knowledgeable about student-led campus events relating to the war, Dr. Roca is an expert in communications and analyzing media messages and images.
Eric Strahorn
A social and behavioral sciences professor, Dr. Strahorn's expertise is in history and current events of the Middle East.