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North Lake Village

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North Lake Village is located on an 80 acre lake; guests will live in four-person furnished apartments.  The majority of our units are four-bedroom single apartments.  The 2-bedroom quad units are also a 4 person unit where two people share the same bedroom.  Both apartment types include a full kitchen, a living room, and 2 bathrooms.




Single bedroom and double bedroom apartments at North Lake Village offer many convenient amenities to make you feel at home.  We pride ourselves on providing the comforts and essentials needed for your daily routuine, and offer opportunities for fun and relaxing times. 

What's In The Apartment
  • Living Room
    1 sofa, 2 armchairs, 1 end table, 1 phone jack - ready with local service, 1 cable outlet - with basic service, & window blinds
  • Bedrooms
    1 extra long twin bed, 1 desk with keyboard drawer, 1 desk chair, 1 three-drawer dresser, 1 phone jack, 1 computer outlet, 1 cable TV outlet, & window blinds
  • Bathrooms
    2 bathrooms per apartment
    One bathroom contains a bathtub, and one contains a shower
    Each bathroom contains sinks, toilets, & curtain rods
  • Kitchen
    Full-size stove/oven, Full-size refrigerator w/icemaker, Full-size dishwasher, Microwave, Garbage disposals

Note: Local telephone service is not be provided in North Lake Village.

 Apartments at North Lake Village offer a variety of living options and come in either a single-room or double-room floorplan.



Single-Occupant Room Apartment






Double-Occupant Room Apartments 






North Lake Four Bedroom Apartments

No Linen Options*

  • $26.00 per person/night

*The no linen package includes shower curtains, toilet paper and trash cans.

Linen Only Option**

  • $33.00 per person/night

**All linen packages include 1 pillow & 1 pillow case, 1 flat & fitted sheet, blanket, soap, toilet paper and shower curtains.

Linen and Coffee/Juice Option***

  • $34.00 per person/night

***This package includes the standard linen package and either morning coffee or juice.

Linen and Breakfast Option****

  • $38.00 per person/night

****This package includes the standard linen package and a light breakfast that includes: Assorted mini danish and mini muffins, fresh fruit salad, chilled orange juice, regular and decaf coffee and assorted hot tea.