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To sign up for Swim Lessons please visit our ONLINE STORE.

For information on how to register for Swim Lessons please click here

Cost | Location | Course Descriptions | Policies | Cancellations & Refunds
$50 per session, which consists of six 25-minute lessons.  Register for any course by visiting our online store Payment is due in full at time of registration.  FGCU Faculty/Staff are eligible for a $5 discount on all swim lessons. To receive your discount you must register by cash or check IN PERSON at the Aquatics Center. Registration can be done throughout the day during normal operating hours which are 8am-8pm.
Classes are held in the FGCU Aquatics Center, located directly across from Alico Arena.  Click here to view a map of campus with directions.
Upcoming Course Dates
Spring Swim Lessons will begin on March 21st. Registration will open on Monday, February 15th. Please visit our online store to register. 

Course Descriptions

Water Babies (parent and child 6 months-3 years)
This class familiarizes young children ages six months – three years to the water and prepares them to learn to swim while teaching parents techniques that help orient their children to the water.
Preschool Beginners (3-5 years)
Introduction to water skills for children three to five years of age that have little or no swim lesson experience.  This class helps students feel comfortable in the water and to enjoy the water safely.
Preschool Intermediate (3-5 years)
This class is designed for preschool children who are comfortable putting their face in the water, able to blow bubbles, jump in without assistance, paddle in the front, and float on their back (with ears in the water). 
Preschool Advanced (3-5 years)
This class is to increase proficiency and build on the basic aquatic skills learned in Preschool Beginner and Intermediate. The child should be able to fully submerge underwater, float on their back without assistance, and be completely comfortable in the water.
Learn to Swim (6 years and up)
Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills (ages 6-12)
Introduction to water skills for children six years and older that have little or no swim lesson experience.  This class helps students feel comfortable in the water and to enjoy the water safely.

Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills (ages 6-12)
This class gives students success with floating on their front and back, kicking and basic arm movements.

Level 3: Stroke Development (ages 6-12)
Focuses on stroke development, while building on the skills in Level 2 by providing additional guided practice and adding new skills to achieve water competency.

Level 4: Stroke Improvement (ages 6-12)
This class improves participant’s proficiency in performing the swimming strokes that were introduced in Level 3. 

Level 5: Stroke Refinement (ages 13+)
Helps participants refine their performance of all six strokes (i.e., front crawl, back crawl, butterfly, breaststroke, elementary backstroke, and sidestroke).  This class provides further coordination, endurance and refinement of strokes so that students swim with ease.
Adult (ages 13+)
This class is designed for adults to become more comfortable in the water and improve on their swimming skills.
  • Students should come prepared for class with the following: towel, bathing suit, and sunscreen. 
  • Children requiring the use of diapers during normal activities must wear disposable swim diapers while using University recreational facilities.  Please do not dispose of diapers in trash cans on the deck, they must be disposed of in the locker room.   
  • Minimum of three participants per class
  • Student’s swim lessons levels are based on skill level
  • Children should use the restroom before the start of their lesson
  • No children are allowed in the pool before or after their scheduled class
  • Parents must remain in the pool at all times with Water Baby swimmers
  • Parental interaction from the deck with students should be kept to a minimum as this is distracting to both the student and the instructor
  • If a student needs to be excused for any reason during a session, the parent is responsible for escorting the child to and from the pool
Weather Cancellations
The first day that class is cancelled, we will be watching a land based safety video that is recommended by the American Red Cross.  The second class that is cancelled, we will schedule a make-up day. Only one make-up day will be offered per session.  There are no make-up classes if a participant is unable to attend a class.

Full refunds will be given one week prior to the first class; $25 processing fee through the second class.  No refunds thereafter, with no exceptions.

For more information please call FGCU Aquatics at 239-590-7700.