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Personal Training is ideal for any individual who is looking for a little bit extra from their workout.  The Fitness Program offers a wide array of personal training programs designed to meet your specific goals and needs.  From high intensity sport-specific training, to specialized weight loss programs, the Campus Recreation Personal Trainers can help with it all.

Package Student Price Faculty, Staff & Member Price
A: 1 session $35/session $40/session
B: 5 sessions $100 ($20/session) $150 ($30/session)
C: 10 sessions $170 (17/session) $270 ($27/session)
D: 15 sessions $225 ($15/session) $375 ($25/session)
Fitness Assessment $15 $15
Bring a Friend: Sometimes it helps to have a friend around to keep you committed to a training plan. When you bring a friend to training, both of you can train together at the same time, with the same trainer, while splitting the cost.  This makes it more affordable and a lot more fun to train.  Payment plans are not applicable to this package and the total cost must be paid up front.
Payment Plans: Clients may split Packages B, C and D into two payments of equal price.  Students also have the option of splitting Package D into three equal installments.  Clients using a using these options must pay must make the next payment prior to using the next set of sessions.
Your First Visit: First time Personal Training clients must complete a new client packet, which takes approximately 15 minutes, and includes a Health History Questionnaire.  Please remember to bring any relevant information regarding medications, injuries or other health-related issues with you.  If you have had any serious injuries or medical conditions, you will need to have your doctor approve your participation in a prescribed fitness program.  Please have your doctor’s contact information available.
Fitness Assessment: A fitness assessment is ideal for someone who is looking to see where they stand in all components of fitness and will assess your muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility, and body composition. This is a great opportunity for someone who is just getting started in their fitness journey as well as someone who is looking to see how all their hard work is paying off.  Assessments take approximately one hour; please fill out a training request form if interested.
Looking to get started? Register online or contact us at to schedule an appointment.