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Program Options


The Eagle Challenge Course staff will work directly with you to customize a challenge course session that best suits the needs of your group.  Please review the options below. 

Non-FGCU organizations, please visit the Eagle Traveling Challenges page for your options!

Program Options
  3 Hour
Low Essentials
4 Hour
Low Intensive
6 Hour
Low and High Essentials
8 Hour
Low and High Intensive
Description Introductory low team building option that includes icebreakers, initiative games, and a series of 2 – 3 low elements. A more comprehensive teambuilding option that utilizes icebreakers, initiatives and several low teams course elements. This is a great way to expand your teambuilding by moving from the low course onto the challenging and fun high teams course. Split into a 3 hour low course, followed by a 1 hour lunch break. The day is capped off with a 3 hour high teams course session. This is the most complete teambuilding package. This option offers the most comprehensive low and high course sessions. It will start with a full 4 hour low teams course intensive workshop, followed by 1 hour lunch break. The day will be capped off with an intensive 4 hour high teams course session.
Participants Minimum: 8
Maximum: 60
Minimum: 8
Maximum: 60
Minimum: 8
Maximum: 60
Minimum: 8
Maximum: 60

The Low Teams Course
The low teams course is a series of ground level challenging elements that serve as foundations for the teambuilding process. As of now, the ECC has 8 low elements with plans to expand.

The High Teams Course
The high course is a state of the art Odyssey III course designed and installed by Alpine Towers. This 450 foot course consists of 8 challenging high elements; 4 of which are set at 40 feet in the air, while the other 4 are set 25 feet.

Stand-Alone High Elements
As an additional component to the Eagle Challenge Course, we offer three stand-alone high elements. The Giant Swing By Choice, The Leap of Faith, and the Flying Squirrel. Each of these events offers unique, challenging and fun experiences.

Now that you have reviewed the program options, make a reservation.