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The Eagle Challenge Course staff will work directly with you to customize a challenge course session that best suits the needs of your group.  After you have reviewed the program options, make a reservation

Non-FGCU organizations, please visit the Eagle Traveling Challenges page for your options.

The Low Teams Course
The low teams course is a series of ground level challenging elements that serve as foundations for the teambuilding process. As of now, the ECC has 8 low elements with plans to expand.

The High Teams Course
The high course is a state of the art Odyssey III course designed and installed by Alpine Towers. This 450 foot course consists of 8 challenging high elements; 4 of which are set at 40 feet in the air, while the other 4 are set 25 feet.

Stand-Alone High Elements
As an additional component to the Eagle Challenge Course, we offer three stand-alone high elements. The Giant Swing By Choice, The Leap of Faith, and the Flying Squirrel. Each of these events offers unique, challenging and fun experiences.

Program Options
  3 Hour
Low Essentials
4 Hour
Low Intensive
6 Hour
Low and High Essentials
8 Hour
Low and High Intensive
Description Introductory low team building option that includes icebreakers, initiative games, and a series of 2 – 3 low elements. A more comprehensive teambuilding option that utilizes icebreakers, initiatives and several low teams course elements. This is a great way to expand your teambuilding by moving from the low course onto the challenging and fun high teams course. Split into a 3 hour low course, followed by a 1 hour lunch break. The day is capped off with a 3 hour high teams course session. This is the most complete teambuilding package. This option offers the most comprehensive low and high course sessions. It will start with a full 4 hour low teams course intensive workshop, followed by 1 hour lunch break. The day will be capped off with an intensive 4 hour high teams course session.
Participants Minimum: 8
Maximum: 32
Minimum: 8
Maximum: 32
Minimum: 8
Maximum: 16
Minimum: 8
Maximum: 16