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Sport Clubs Council


The Sport Clubs Council (SCC) exists as the governing body of the Sport Clubs Program, and is recognized as part of the Department of Campus Recreation.  The SCC consists of one representative from each registered Sport Club, as well as five to six elected student leaders that make up the SCC Executive Board.  The council meets monthly and topics pertinent to the teams are discussed, including voting in new clubs and reviewing documents. 

The Exec Board plays an integral role in the development of all Sport Clubs at FGCU, as they mentor select clubs and work closely with the Sport Club Coordinator on policy and procedure development. The SCC Executive Board also handles the budget process for A&S allocations given to the SCC by Student Government, and is advised by the Sport Clubs Coordinator.

SCC Executive Board           Position Email Mentor To: Spring 2015 Office Hours

Emily Aron


Archery, Baseball, Roller
Hockey, Rugby (M), Wrestling
Wed (11:30-1:30);
Fri (11:30-1:30)

Tommy Twyford

Vice President

Fishing, Hockey, Power, 
Rugby (W), Soccer (W)
Thurs (10-12);
Fri (10-12)

Kayla Miller

Treasurer (temp)

Martial Arts, Soccer (M),
Spearfishing, Wakeboarding
Mon (9-11);
Wed (9-11)

Angelica Addeo


Equestrian, Lacrosse (M),
Lacrosse (W), Tennis
Tues (12-2);
Thurs (12-2)

CJ Duffie

Budget Chair

Dancing E'Gals, Paintball,
Quidditch, Water Polo
by appointment
Sport Clubs Program Office Staff 

James Adams

Office Staff

Cheer, Sailing, Softball,
Swimming, Winterguard
Thurs (10-12);
Fri (8-10)

Bryant Stewart

Program Assistant

First Responder Staff
Mon (10-12); Fri (10-12)

Vanessa Watt

Purchasing Assistant

All Teams
Mon(10-3); Tues (12:30-3); Thurs (12-3); Fri (10-3)

SCC Conduct Manual SCC Constitution (approved September 7, 2011)