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All Sport Club participants must submit these forms by the first day of practice or 9/17/14, whichever comes first
Blank copies are always available in the Sport Clubs Office for your team's use.

Participation Waiver [.pdf]

Player Conduct Agreement [.pdf] 

Emergency Contact Information [.pdf]


Accident Report or Incident Report [.pdf]

Advisor Acceptance Form [.pdf] 

Coach Sign On Packet [.pdf]

Coach Statement of Understanding [.pdf]

Inventory Report 2015 due 5/8/15

Design Approval Request (for uniforms, shirts and promotional items)

Return to Play Clearance Form [.pdf]

Team Roster Template 2014-2015 [.xls] due 9/17/14 & 2/11/15

Travel Form  due 1 week prior to departure


These forms are required for credit in the SCORE System, and must be submitted through EagleLink. Items completed in Fall 2014 must be reported by 1/1/15.  **check your club's 14-15 SCORE status here** (not visible if using Internet Explorer)

Community Service Report

CPR and First Aid Verification

Event Attendance Report

Financial Report (submit on EagleLink here) due 1/1/15 & 5/8/15

Fundraising Report (for past due fundraising only)


Annual Budget Application for 15-16 [.xls]  download example

Budget Application Instructions [.doc]

Off Campus Accounts - Steps for Opening an Outside Account [.pdf] 

    - download EIN Application Online Guide [.pdf]

    - download EIN Application by Phone Guide [.pdf]

Purchase Request Form [.xls]

Reimbursement Form attach map print out with roundtrip mileage for fuel reimbursements

W-9 Form [.pdf]