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FGCU axis boat

If you are a current FGCU Student with a valid Eagle ID you are welcome to use our new Axis boat!  There are slots open to students every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  Each student can sign up for one, 30-minute boat slot each week.  If you have any questions about our boating operation please call the Waterfront at 239-590-1871 during business hours

Boat Reservations
Reservations will open by the weekend prior to the following week’s sessions.  The boat registration system is cleared at the start of the school year.  If you had an account for the previous year, you will need to re-create and re-activate your account.  The following chart shows the breakdown of the boat schedule on weekdays.  Weekends and Summers the boat runs from 12pm-5pm.

Make your Motorized Boat Session Reservation!

Morning Sessions 

1 2 3 4
Time 11-11:30a 11:30-12p 12-12:30pm 12:30-1pm


5 6 7 8 9
Time 1:30-2pm 2-2:30pm 2:30-3pm 3-3:30pm 3:30-4pm


Boat Policies
  1. Boat reservations are posted week by week. Reservations are available by 5pm each Thursday for the following week.
  2. Groups or friends may not reserve the boat for more than 2 consecutive slots. If a group reserves more than 2 consecutive slots one may be subject to cancellation. This is to ensure equal opportunity for all students to have the ability to use the boat.
  3. If a rider has not checked in by 5 minutes after the slot start time your slot will be forfeited and a standby rider may take over the remaining boat slot.
  4. If a rider is a no-show boat privileges will be suspended. You may call ahead and cancel your slot to avoid suspension.
  5. The boat will not run operate in adverse weather conditions. Adverse weather conditions are at the discretion of the boat driving staff. This can include but is not limited to rain, wind, and cold.
  6. Students may split their time slot with a fellow FGCU Student. Please remember that boat slots are limited to 30 minutes so we recommend signing up for individual boat slots.
  7. If you have reserved a slot on the boat, and you cannot make it,  you will need to call the Waterfront Office at 239-590-1871 during our hours of operation and cancel your reservation. If you fail to show for a slot, and you did not call to cancel a reservation 24 hours in advance, it will result in a two week suspension from the motorized boat.
  8. All reservations need to be made by the person riding.  You cannot make a reservation and pass it along to another rider.  If your name is on the reservation you MUST participate in riding.
  9. Students are limited to one 30 minute time slot each week. This means if you have a reservation already for the week you are not able to pick up an open slot, unless there are no other riders on the waiting list. You are able to split time with a friend on their reservation if they allow you to do so.
  10. There will be a waiting list for open slots each day. The waiting list opens at 10am Tuesday/Thursdays and 12pm on Saturdays. If there is an open slot, it will be first come first served according to the waiting list.
  11. Check in for all riders and guests will be at the Waterfront front desk. Each person going on the boat must check in at the front desk 15 minutes prior to the reservation. Check in will no longer occur on the dock or at the boat.

Boating privileges are for students with active Eagle ID’s only.  Guests of students are welcome to ride along in the boat, but they cannot participate in any boating activity including but not limited to tubing, wakeboarding, wake skating, water skiing, etc.