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Office of the Bursar

Veterans and Third Party Deferments


A deferment allows a student to pay tuition and fees after the published due date. Deferments do not relieve students of their obligation to pay.

Veterans shall be entitled to deferment in accordance with the provisions of Section 240.235, F.S. Veterans who demonstrate eligibility to receive veterans’ benefits may request deferment of tuition and fees by presenting their documentation to the Office of the Registrar at the time of registration. Depending on eligibility, the student will sign a promissory note for the full amount of the tuition and fees (Non-Chapter 31) or the student will be assigned to a Third Party payment contract whereby tuition and fees are paid directly to the university by Veterans Affairs (Chapter 31).  For additional information on Veteran's Affairs please click here (Veterans and Third Party Deferments-Office of the Registrar).

Deferment is also permitted when a third party has made formal contractual arrangements with the university for payment of a student’s tuition and fees. The university controller or designee must approve all third party contracts.

Florida Gulf Coast University submits invoices to all agencies and third parties requesting payment each semester. The Bursar's Office can only accept payment from agencies/third parties who have executed a written agreement with the University and agree to pay upon receipt of the invoice. The Bursar's Office cannot accept any contracts or letters of authorization that are reimbursements or contingent on the completion of courses.

Social Security Number Policy Office of the Bursar

Based on Social Security Number (SSN) legislation the Bursar's Office at Florida Gulf Coast University may still collect and use SSN's on a limited basis.  Per F.S. 119.071(6)(b) SSN's can be supplied if it is necessary for the receiving agency to perform its duties or responsibilities.  The FGCU Bursar's Office may use SSN's for the following activities:

  1. Florida Prepaid Billing
  2. Third Party Billing
  3. Third Party Collections
  4. Student Tax Documents (1098-T, 1042-S)