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Curriculum & Instruction - Educational Technology (M.A.) 2016-2017 Catalog Year

College of Education

Department of Leadership & Educational Technology

The M.A. in Curriculum & Instruction - Educational Technology provides advanced study in education and is designed to improve the competency of K-12 teachers, and/or advanced study in training and instruction that is designed to improve competencies in instructional technology, digital media production, and advanced research in non K-12 settings.

NOTE: This program does not provide initial K-12 certification.  In order to seek professional certification please consult the catalog for alternative options.

Program Admission Requirements

See program website at URL listed above.

Program Requirements
  1. Required Courses in the Major (21 credits)
    EDF 6284 Instructional Design (3)
    EME 5053 Intro to Ed Tech (3)
    EME 6207 Web Design & Development (3)
    EME 6209 Still and Time-Based Media (3)
    EME 6417 Teaching in Virtual Settings (3)
    EME 6465 Interactive Learning (3)
    EME 6646 Digital Narrative & Cognition (3)

  2. Capstone Experience (6 credits)
    EME 6235 Professional Practicum and EME 6940 Professional Internship* OR
    EDF 6481 Foundations of Ed Research (3) and EDG 6363 Capstone Seminar (3)**

    *Practicum students will perform up to 120 hours internship service under supervision of a faculty advisor after completing EME 6235.

    **Capstone Seminar candidates will design, implement, and write one of the following: (a) a culminating scholarly review of an instructional project, or (b) an instructional design document for an educational technology product.

  3. Electives (9 credits)
    The following courses are grouped in areas of interest.

    Instructional Learning Technologies
    EME 6405 Technology Integration (3)
    EME 6607 Instructional Program Analysis (3)
    EME 6936 Current Trends in Ed Tech (3)

    Educational Media
    EME 6609 Instructional Media Resources (3)
    EME 6705 Collection & Acquisition (3)
    EME 6716 Media Services and Programs (3)

    Instructional Design
    EME 6607 Instructional Program Analysis (3)
    EME 6617 Instructional Design-eLearning (3)
    EME 6675 Design for Informal Learning (3)





Additional Graduation Requirements
  • Students must satisfactorily complete the minimum number of credit hours specified by the graduate degree program.
  • A grade of B or higher must be earned in all graduate courses to be used to satisfy course requirements in one's program of study.
  • Overall GPA of 3.0 or higher in all work attempted.


Transfer Notes and Acceptable Substitutes

The College of Education limits the transfer of coursework into its graduate programs to a maximum of three courses (no more than 12 credits in total. To be considered, courses must have been completed with a minimum grade of B and no more than seven years prior to the date of entry into the graduate program and no more than ten years prior to graduation from the graduate program.

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