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Honors Program 2016-2017 Catalog Year


The Florida Gulf Coast University Honors Program offers special opportunities for high-achieving and highly motivated students to pursue challenging academic work that is tailored to individual interests and abilities. The Honors Program emphasizes more than just courses and grades; it also provides holistic opportunities for students to participate in creative activities outside of the classroom. Further, the Honors Program is built around a commitment to community service and civic engagement, guiding principles of Florida Gulf Coast University.

The Honors Program is university-wide and open to students of all levels. Prospective Honors students must meet high academic standards and should be interested in developing themselves beyond the traditional classroom setting. Current FGCU students should have a G.P.A. of 3.50 or higher prior to applying. Students interested in applying should contact the Honors Office directly at

There are many benefits to participating in the Honors Program. It offers courses that are unique. They range in nature from courses that take a unique view of a particular subject matter, to courses that are offered outside of FGCU’s main campus, to Honors sections of general education courses and upper-level major courses. Moreover, the FGCU Honors Program offers grant opportunities and special events and activities that are available exclusively to Honors Program students. Honors students can request to be placed in Honors Housing, both in South Village and North Lake Village. All students in good standing with the Honors Program enjoy priority registration. Honors Program students also have access to Undergraduate Studies (UGS) Advising, who assist students with proactive academic and co-curricular planning, as well as efficient completion of the Honors Program requirements.

Each student who fulfills the Honors Program requirements is given recognition at graduation, and a notation is included on the student’s official FGCU transcript. Successful completion of the Honors Program curriculum demonstrates an individual’s ability to study independently, yet collaboratively, and to achieve academic and personal excellence, qualities that are valued by professional schools, graduate schools, and employers.

Program Requirements

To graduate from the Honors Program, students must have a cumulative FGCU GPA of 3.50 or higher, complete a minimum of twelve (12) credits of Honors-designated courses, and complete a minimum of two Honors Experiences categories. The official FGCU transcript will include a notation based upon the number of Honors Experiences categories completed: Two, Completed Honors Program; three, Completed Honors Program with Special Recognition; or four, Completed Honors Program with Distinction.

First-Year Honors Sequence

Students who enter the Honors Program as first-semester, first-time-in-college students (Beginner FTIC) are required to complete a research-based, year-long First-Year Honors Sequence. These sequences are tailored to student interests and faculty research areas and are taught in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities disciplines. UGS Advising will assist all first-year students with initial course registration and selection of their First-Year Honors Sequence.

Honors Experiences

Complete a minimum of two of the following categories: Liberal Arts Experience, Honors Contract Experience, Honors Service Experience, Honors Research Experience, and Honors Study Away/Abroad Experiences.  Courses can be used to fulfill multiple Honors Experiences.

Liberal Arts Experience

Complete nine (9) credits in courses with HONS attribute and prefix IDH, ISS, or ISC.

Honors Contract Experience

Complete three (3) unique upper-division (3000-4999) courses with Honors contracts with a grade of “B” or higher.

Honors Service Experience

Complete four (4) credits of courses with the HONS attribute (Honors section) from IDH 4638C Honors Service, IDS 3300 Foundations of Civic Engagement, IDS 3920 University Colloquium, or a self-directed experience approved by an UGS Advisor.

Honors Research Experience

Complete IDH 3910 Honors Directed Ind. Research or IDH 4975 Honors Thesis, or a self-directed experience approved by an UGS Advisor.

Honors Study Away/Abroad Experiences

Complete IDH 3955 Honors Study Abroad/Away or IDH 4945 Honors in Washington, or a self-directed experience approved by an UGS Advisor.


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