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Economics (B.S.) 2017-2018 Catalog Year

Lutgert College of Business

Department of Finance and Economics

The B.S in Economics prepares students for the job market and graduate school by providing broad and deep training in the field of economics itself and by developing one's skills in critical thinking and analysis. Economics majors develop the aptitude to operate in a wide range of business entities and to succeed in graduate programs in business, social science and law. Graduates of economics exhibit strong scores in the graduate entrance examinations across the board. Course work includes both theory and application and is designed to build and develop student assessments of the world through an economics lens. As a long-standing field in academe economics has extensive ties to mathematics, statistics, and philosophy as it pertains to economic, social, business and political environments. Students trained in economics are particularly strong candidates for jobs in business functions requiring strategic thinking, analytical skills, writing and presentations. Industries that highly value the undergraduate degree in economics include banking and finance, economic journalism, law, business, government service, and non-university teaching.

Minor Requirements

To prevent or minimize excess hours, select general education courses that satisfy common prerequisite requirements for your intended major.

  1. FGCU General Education Program (

  2. Common Prerequisites
    A minimum grade of C is required in each course.

    FGCU Course: ACG 2021 Intro to Financial Acctg. (3)
    Acceptable Substitute: ACGX021

    FGCU Course: ACG 2071 Intro to Managerial Acctg. (3)
    Acceptable Substitute: ACGX071

    FGCU Course: CGS 1100 Computer Software and Technology (3)
    Acceptable Substitute: CGSXXXX

    FGCU Course: ECO 2013 Principles of Macro Economics (3)
    Acceptable Substitute: ECOX013

    FGCU Course: ECO 2023 Principles of Micro Economics (3)
    Acceptable Substitute: ECOX023

    FGCU Course: MAC 2233 Elementary Calculus (3)
    Acceptable Substitute: MACX233

    FGCU Course: STA 2023 Statistical Methods (3)
    Acceptable Substitute: STAX023

  3. Business Common Core (27 credits)
    BUL 3130 Legal & Ethical Environment of Bus (3)
    FIN 3403 Business Finance (3)
    ISM 3011 Information Systems (3)
    MAN 3025 Principles of Management (3)
    MAR 3023 Introduction to Marketing (3)
    GEB 4890 Business Strategy (3)
    ENC 3250 Professional Writing (3)
    SPC 2023 Public Speaking (3)
    TRA 3151 Operations Management (3)

  4. Required Courses in the Major (15 credits)
    ECO 3101 Intermediate Price Theory (3)
    ECO 3203 Intermediate Macroeconomics (3)
    ECO 3410 Econometrics I (3)
    ECP 3009 Moral Foundations & Capitalism (3)
    ECO 4903 Undergraduate Seminar (3)

  5. Restricted Electives (12 credits)
    Select 12 credits from the following:
    FIN 3244 Money & Capital Markets (3)
    ECO 3703 International Economics (3)
    ECO 4504 Economics of the Public Sector (3)
    ECO 4941 Internship in Economics (3)
    ECP 3006 Sports Economics (3)
    ECP 3302 Economics of the Environment (3)
    ECP 3613 Urban Economics (3)
    ECP 3703 Managerial Economics (3)
    ECP 3905 Directed Independent Study (3)
    ECP 3930 Special Topics (3)
    ECS 4013 Economic Development (3)

  6. University Requirements (3 credits)
    IDS 3920 University Colloquium (3)

  7. Additional Electives - as needed to reach total credits required for the degree


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