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Academic Amnesty 2014-2015 Catalog Year

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An undergraduate student may petition the Admissions Appeals Committee to declare academic amnesty.

If academic amnesty is granted, all college-level work (grades and credit) that is at least five calendar years old will be disregarded for admission decisions to the University. When filing for academic amnesty, students follow the regular transfer admission procedures. The application must include a written request for academic amnesty, a statement detailing why amnesty is requested, and documentation supporting the request. Students may not petition for academic amnesty after being accepted to the University.

If the Admissions Appeals Committee approves academic amnesty for a transfer student or a former FGCU student, that student's grade point average will be re-calculated based solely on coursework taken after amnesty is granted. All previous coursework completed at FGCU or accepted as transfer credit by FGCU before amnesty is granted, will appear on a student's official academic transcript, but will not count towards degree completion. A statement will appear on the official transcript indicating that amnesty has been applied.