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Transfer with Florida AA 2014-2015 Catalog Year

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Admission of Associate of Arts (AA) degree graduates from Florida public community colleges, state colleges and state universities will be governed by the Articulation Agreement between the state universities and public community colleges of Florida, as approved by the State Board of Education. These Florida Associate in Arts graduates shall receive priority for admission over out-of-state transfer students. The agreement states that, except for limited access programs, admission as a junior to the upper division of the University shall be granted to any graduate of a state-approved Florida community college, state college or State University System institution who transfers directly to FGCU, who has completed the university parallel program, and who has received the Associate of Arts degree which included all of the following:

  • At least 60 semester hours of academic work exclusive of occupational courses and basic required physical education courses
  • An approved general education program of at least 36 semester hours
  • A grade point average of at least 2.0 on a 4.0 system for all college-level academic courses attempted
  • Completion of requirements for English and Mathematics course admission requirements, and
  • Achievement of the minimum standards for college level communication and computation skills as required by section 1007.25 Florida Statutes.

All applicants who completed two years of one foreign language or two years of American Sign Language in high school must submit the high school transcript as well in order to have these credits fulfill the foreign language requirement. Any student admitted without two years of one foreign language in high school or the equivalent (minimum 8 semester hours or by those methods explained in the Language Admission Requrement section) of such instruction at the postsecondary level must satisfy the admission requirement prior to graduation.

Florida community college, state college or state university Associate of Arts graduates are guaranteed the following rights under the Statewide Articulation Agreement:

  • Admission to one of the ten state universities, except to "limited access" programs (programs that have additional admission requirements).
  • Acceptance of at least 60 credit hours by the state universities toward the baccalaureate degree.
  • Transfer of equivalent courses under the Statewide Course Numbering System.
  • Acceptance by the state universities of credit earned in accelerated programs (e.g., CLEP, AP, PEP, Dual Enrollment, Early Admission, AICE, and IB).
  • No additional general education core requirements.

Transfer students must submit an application for admission to the University and official transcripts from every post secondary institution attended.

Individual programs may have additional requirements over and above that which is required to gain University admission including a supplemental application, minimum GPA, pre-requisites courses and test scores. Students should verify specific program requirements prior to commencing the application process.


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