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Child and Youth Studies (B.S.) 2013-2014 Catalog Year

College of Education

Department of Special, Early, Child/Youth, Elementary Education, & Research
  • Child Studies Concentration
  • Youth Studies Concentration

The program is designed to prepare education related personnel for employment in the fields of early child care & education, and youth & children's services.

Program Admission Requirements
  • An overall GPA of 2.0 on all hours attempted.
  • Satisfy all General Education requirements.
  • Satisfy Communication and Computation Skills.
Program Requirements
  1. FGCU General Education Program (GEP) (36 hrs)
    Refer to the General Education Program for more information.

    1. Communication (6 hrs)
    2. Mathematics (6 hrs)
    3. Humanities (9 hrs)
    4. Social Sciences (6-9 hrs)
    5. Natural Sciences (6-9 hrs)

      Note: At least one Natural Sciences course must include a laboratory or field component. Courses meeting this requirement contain a “C” or “L” in their course numbers. Each combined lecture and laboratory course (marked with a C) is equivalent to taking the lecture and laboratory separately.

  2. Common Prerequisites


  3. Required Courses in the Major (24 hrs)

    • EDP 3004 Student Development & Learning (3)
    • EDF 3251 Classroom Mgmt. & Organization (3)
    • EDG 4343 Instructional Strategies (3)
    • TSL 4520 Sec. Lang. Acquis. Comm. & Culture (3)
    • EDF 4424 Measurement and Evaluation in the Classroom (3)
    • EDG 4940 Child & Youth Studies Practicum (6)
    • EDG 4936 Child & Youth Studies Senior Seminar (3)

  4. Electives in the Major (3 hrs)

    Select one of the following:
    • RED 4344 Methods of Teaching Reading (3)
    • RED 4310 Early Literacy Learning (3)

  5. Concentration Requirements (18 hrs)

    Select one of the following concentrations:

    1. Child Studies (18 hrs)

      • EEC 3268 Play Development Intervention Assessment (3)
      • EEC 4307 Cognitive Experience for Young Children (3)
      • LAE 4416 Children's Literature (3)
      • MAE 4310 Math Content & Processes (3)
      • Elective (3)  Any education course at the 1000-4999 level with the following prefixes: EDE, EDF, EDG, EDP, EEC, EEX, LAE, MAE, RED or SCE or MAN 3025, MAN 3301, MAN 3801 or other course approved by advisor
      • Elective (3)  Any education course at the 1000-4999 level with the following prefixes: EDE, EDF, EDG, EDP, EEC, EEX, LAE, MAE, RED or SCE or MAN 3025, MAN 3301, MAN 3801 or other course approved by advisor

    2. Youth Studies (18 hrs)

      Select two courses from the following (6 hrs):
      • SOW 4650 Child Abuse (3)
      • SOW 4700 Chemical Dependency (3)
      • SOW 4194 Inter-relational Violence (3)
      • SOW 4676 Loss & Bereavement (3)
      • SOW 4677 Vulnerable Populations (3)
      • SOW 4724 Child Welfare (3)

      Electives in the concentration (12 hrs)
      • PET 4050, PHT 3363C, PET 4285C, SPM 3004, SPM 4304, SOW 4601, or any SOW course not taken in the concentration - other courses with advisor approval (12 hrs)

  6. University Requirements (3 hrs)

    • IDS 3920 University Colloquium (3)

  7. Additional Electives (variable)

    Additional electives may be required to reach a minimum of 120 credit hours for the baccalaureate degree.


Additional Graduation Requirements
  • A grade of C or higher in all College of Education courses with an overall GPA of 2.0 in all College of Education coursework and in all coursework attempted.
  • A minimum of 48 upper division hours (courses numbered 3000 and higher).
  • Complete 30 of the last 60 hours at FGCU.
  • Satisfy foreign language requirement.
  • Satisfy Service Learning requirement
Transfer Notes and Acceptable Substitutes

The COE limits the transfer of coursework into its upper-division, undergraduate programs. To be considered, courses must have been completed with a minimum grade of C and no more than five years prior to the date of entry into the College of Education undergraduate program.

Progression Requirements
  • Students must see their academic advisor for an approved plan of study.
  • In order to be placed in a Final Internship, students must have passed all program courses except EDG 4XXX (4936) which must be taken concurrently with EDG 4XXX (4940), Final Child & Youth Studies practicum..

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