Types of Faculty Appointments

excerpted from FGCU Faculty Handbook, adopted Summer 2004, p. 21

Types of Appointments
Currently, there are nine month and twelve month appointments. There have been some eleven month appointments but these are special cases. A nine-month academic year appointment is for an academic year covering fall and spring semesters and normally totaling 39 contiguous weeks. Supplemental summer appointments may be offered. A “visiting appointment” is one made to an employee not expected to be available for more than a limited period.

Multi-year Appointments, Fixed and Continuing Contracts, Successive Contracts, and Extensions
FGCU offers multi-year appointments for faculty. These appointments may be fixed for two to five years or continuing on a three-year “rolling” contract. Fixed multi-year appointments may result in successive contracts, whereas the three-year rolling continuing contract is always in a three-year parameter unless performance or other issues halting the roll-over occur, such as announcement of retirement or resignation. The relevant policies and procedures can be found in the FGCU Faculty Performance Evaluation Document (FPED) of April 2003. The FPED can be found on the Marlin share drive in the Faculty Governance/Faculty Affairs folder. The Faculty Affairs Team of the Faculty Senate is charged with revising the FPED as needed with final approval of the full Senate.

Affiliate and Joint appointments
Faculty may be assigned to more than one department or even more than one college. The faculty assignment, professional development plan and evaluation must be worked out between the joint supervisors.

Appointments of faculty administrators (Chairs, Associate Deans, etc.)
Appointment varies with college. Deans, Associate/Assistant Deans are hired for the position. Chairs, Team Leaders, Program Leaders are hired, elected, or appointed depending on the college.