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Florida Gulf Coast University

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Lutgert College of Business

Lutgert College of Business

AACSB International—The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business

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LCOB Directory H - M

Name Title Phone Office E-mail
Marty Hall, MBA, PGA Internship Coordinator, PGA Golf Management Program (239) 590-7694 Sugden Hall 238 D
Diana L. Haytko, Ph.D. Marguerite and Guy Howard Professorship in Business; Professor of Marketing (239) 590-1249 Lutgert Hall 3323
Jennifer Hernandez Office Manager (239) 590-7308 Lutgert Hall 4302
Bradley K. Hobbs, Ph.D. BB&T Professor of Free Enterprise; Professor of Economics (239) 590-7162 Lutgert Hall 3366
Eugene Hoyt, M.S. Instructor I in Computer Information Systems (239) 590-1192 Lutgert Hall 3364
Gary Jackson, Ph.D. Director of the Regional Economic Research Institute (RERI); Assistant Professor of Economics (239) 590-7319 Lutgert Hall 4309
Lan Jiang, Ph.D., CHE, CHIA Assistant Professor, Resort and Hospitality Management 239-745-4296 Sugden Hall 221
Yabing Jiang, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Information Systems (239) 590-7163 Lutgert Hall 2309
David Jones, Ph.D. Executive Professor (239) 590-7597 Lutgert Hall, 3301
Travis L. Jones. Ph.D. Associate Professor of Finance (239) 590-7167 Lutgert Hall 2305
David Kakkuri, Ph.D. Instructor I in Management (239) 590-7089 Lutgert Hall 3336
Carrie Kerekes, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Economics (239) 590-7311 Lutgert Hall, 3358
Sandra King Kauanui, Ph.D. Department Chair of Management; Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship; Professor of Management (239) 590-7433 Lutgert Hall 3339
Elias T. Kirche, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Operations Management (239) 590-7325 Lutgert Hall 3304
Mary A. Krome, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Management (239) 590-7383 Lutgert Hall 3313
Joseph Leah Visiting Instructor I (239) 590-1433 Lutgert Hall 3327
LaToya Lee Academic Advisor I (239) 590-7350 Lutgert Hall 1305
Scott Lee, Ed.D. Event Management Coordinator and Associate Professor, Resort and Hospitality Management (239) 590-7707 Sugden Hall, 217
Kenneth M. Lusht, Ph.D. Distinguished Professor of Real Estate (239) 590-7597 Lutgert Hall 3301
Andy MacDiarmid Academic Advisor II (239) 590-7351 Lutgert Hall, 1312
Paula Machlin Academic Advisor II (239) 590-7401 Lutgert Hall 1306
Jennifer McGurk Internship Coordinator, Resort and Hospitality Management (239) 590-1460 Sugden Hall 213
Tara M. McKenna, M.S., PGA Director, PGA Golf Management and Assistant Professor (239) 590-7717 Sugden Hall 238 C
Rosemary Meza Coordinator, Academic Programs (239) 590-7301 Lutgert Hall 1308
Tracy Moffatt Adjunct Faculty, PGA Golf Management Program Contact Mike Padilla at (239) 590-7719
Patrick Montana, Ph.D. Adjunct Faculty, PGA Golf Management Program Contact Mike Padilla at (239) 590-7719