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Lutgert College of Business

Lutgert College of Business

LCOB Directory N - S

Name Title Phone Office E-mail
Kazuo Nakatani, Ph.D. Professor of Computer Information Systems (239) 590-7364 Lutgert Hall 3353
Patrick Newman, Ph.D. Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics (239) 590-7420 Lutgert Hall 3307
Marisa Ouverson Director, Enrollment Management (239) 590-7302 Lutgert Hall 1307
Mike Padilla Office Manager, PGA Golf Management Program (239) 590-7719 Sugden Hall 238E
Iris Perez Office Manager, Florida Small Business Institute (239) 590-3712 Lutgert Hall 2312
Gizelle Perretti, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Finance (239) 590-7370 Lutgert Hall 3360
Arianna Pinello, Ph.D., CPA, CIA Associate Professor of Accounting (239) 590-7303 Lutgert Hall 2304
Collin Ramdeen, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Resort and Hospitality Management (239) 590-1298 Sugden Hall 218
Craig Randall, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Management (239) 590-7724 Lutgert Hall 3329
Monika K. Renard, Ph.D. Professor of Management (239) 590-7386 Lutgert Hall 3351
Amy Ridgway Program Coordinator, Institute for Entrepreneurship (239) 590-7324 Lutgert Hall 3328
Walter E. Rodriguez, Ph.D., P.E. Professor of Computer Information Systems; Director, Institute for Technological Innovation (239) 590-7360 Lutgert Hall 3350
Daniel Rottig, Ph.D. Associate Professor of International Business and Strategic Management (239) 590-1247 Lutgert Hall 3314
Arthur J. Rubens, Ph.D. Professor of Management (239) 590-7840 Lutgert Hall 3310
Bryan Schaffer, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Management (239) 590-7476 Lutgert Hall 3342
Steven Scheff, MBA Instructor II in Finance (239) 590-7315 lutgert Hall 3361
Shelley Schlenk Senior Secretary, LCOB (239) 590-7327 Lutgert Hall 4305
Gerald Schoenfeld, Jr., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Management (239) 590-7388 Lutgert Hall 3359
Amy Scott Internship Coordinator (239) 745-4281 Lutgert Hall 2306
Gerald Segal, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Management (239) 590-7389 Lutgert Hall 3363
John Shannon Visiting Economic Analyst (239) 590-1430 Lutgert Hall 4308
Mathew Sheep, Ph.D. Department Chair of Management and Associate Professor (239) 590-7322 Lutgert Hall 3308
Lisa Snook Senior Secretary, Economics / Finance Department (239) 745-4250 Lutgert Hall 3362
Suzanne Specht, MBA Assistant Director and Certified Business Analyst for the SBDC (239) 745-3704 Lutgert Hall 2321
Rajesh Srivastava, Ph.D. Department Chair of Information Systems / Operations Management; Professor of Operations Management (239) 590-7372 Lutgert Hall 3355
Mushfiq Swaleheen, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Economics (239) 590-7331 Lutgert Hall 3306
Carol Sweeney Instructor I of Economics (239) 590-7316 Lutgert Hall 3354