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Lutgert College of Business

Lutgert College of Business

Vision, Mission, and Core Values



The Lutgert College of Business will be nationally renowned in providing students with the education and capabilities to take leading roles in a diverse and global environment.


The Lutgert College of Business educates students from Southwest Florida and beyond to address local and global business challenges. We are dedicated to student learning, scholarship, service, and community relationships that foster entrepreneurship and economic growth.
     Video: Faculty and Students Discuss LCOB Mission

Core Values/ Guiding Principles

Innovative/Knowledge: Provide an academic environment emphasizing teaching and scholarship that enhances student learning and the reputation of the college.

Accountable/Integrity: Maintain the highest standards of ethics, honesty, mutual respect, and accountability for our college's faculty, staff and students.

Connected/ Service to the Community: Address current regional issues through extensive outreach activities and by building relationships on a local, regional, and global basis to facilitate the economic vitality and growth of Southwest Florida.

Sustainability: Educate and develop future business professionals to recognize the value of and need for sustainability, which encompasses economic, environmental, and social responsibility.

Global perspective: Emphasize the ability to perform effectively across cultures in addressing global business challenges building on the "second circle*" model.

Diversity: Foster a climate that enhances awareness of and respect for diversity of people and ideas, actively encouraging it among our students, faculty, and staff.

*The second circle model was created by Dr. Richard Pegnetter as a process that expands the traditional college/university to international university partnership model to include the regional business community of Southwest Florida with the regional business community of our international partner thus expanding the interaction to a "second circle".

Mission updated February 2012