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Accounting (B.S.)

Accounting (B.S.)

Program Requirements for 2017-2018 Catalog Year

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The General Education Program Website is located at

To prevent or minimize excess hours, select general education courses that satisfy common prerequisite requirements for your intended major. 

  1. FGCU General Education Program (

  2. Common Prerequisites
    A minimum grade of C is required in each course except for ACG 2021, ACG 2071, and CGS 1100 which require a minimum grade of B.

    FGCU Course: ACG 2021 Intro to Financial Acctg. (3)
    Acceptable Substitue: ACGX021 or ACGX022 or (ACGX001 and ACGX011)

    FGCU Course: ACG 2071 Intro to Managerial Acctg. (3)
    Acceptable Substitue: ACGX071 or ACGX301

    FGCU Course: CGS 1100 Computer Software and Technology (3)
    Acceptable Substitue: CGSX100 or CGSX100C or CGSX530 or  CGSX570 or CGSX060 or CGSX531 or CGSX000 or ISMX000 or CGSX518

    FGCU Course: ECO 2013 Principles of Macro Economics (3)
    Acceptable Substitue: ECOX013

    FGCU Course: ECO 2023 Principles of Micro Economics (3)
    Acceptable Substitue: ECOX023

    FGCU Course: MAC 2233 Elementary Calculus (3)
    Acceptable Substitue: MACX233 or MACX230

    FGCU Course: STA 2023 Statistical Methods (3)
    Acceptable Substitue: STAX023 or STAX122 or QMBX100

  3. Business Common Core (27 credits)
    BUL 3320 Law & Business I (3)
    ENC 3250 Professional Writing (3)
    FIN 3403 Business Finance (3)
    GEB 4890 Business Strategy (capstone) (3)
    ISM 3011 Information Systems (3)
    MAN 3025 Principles of Management (3)
    MAR 3023 Introduction to Marketing (3)
    SPC 2023 Public Speaking (3)
    TRA 3151 Operations Management (3)

  4. Required Courses in the Major (24 credits)
    ACG 3103 Intermediate Fin. Acctg. I (3)
    ACG 3113 Intermediate Fin. Acctg. II (3)
    ACG 3341 Cost Accounting (3)
    ACG 3401 Accounting Information Systems (3)
    ACG 4123 Intermediate Fin. Acctg. III (3)
    ACG 4632 Independent Audit I (3)
    QMB 3302 Business Analytics (3)
    TAX 4001 Federal Tax Accounting I (3)

  5. Restricted Electives (6 credits)
    Select 6 credits of approved upper division (3-4000 level) electives in accounting (ACG) or taxation (TAX) from the following list:ACG 4501; 4684; 4901; 4939; 4940; or TAX 4011.
    (Other 3-4000 level courses with an accounting or taxation focus may be considered to meet the elective requirement - see LCOB advisor.)

  6. University Requirements (3 credits)
    IDS 3920 University Colloquium (3)

  7. Additional Electives - as needed to reach total credits required for the degree