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Accounting and Taxation (M.S.)

Accounting and Taxation (M.S.)

Program Requirements for 2016-2017 Catalog Year

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  1. Required Core Courses (21 hrs)
    ACG 6135 Accounting Theory (3)
    ACG 6205 Advanced Accounting (3)
    ACG 6655 Independent Audit II (3)
    BUL 6831 Law & Business II (3)
    TAX 6045 Tax Research & Planning (3)
    TAX 6205 Flow Through Entities (3)
    TAX 6877 Special Topics in Taxation (3)

  2. Select One Elective Course from the Following (3 hrs)
    ACG 6257 Global Reporting (IFRS)& Audit(3)
    ACG 6405 Adv Acct Information Systems (3)
    ACG 6905 Directed Study in Accounting (3)
    ACG  6935 Special Topics in Accounting (3)
    ACG 6940 Accounting Internship (3)
    BUL 6935 Special Topics in Business Law (3)
    TAX 6015 Corporate Tax Issues (3)
    TAX 6405 Estate & Gift Issues (3)
    TAX 6525 International Tax Issues (3)

  3. Business Elective Courses (6 hrs)
    Complete 6 credit hours of courses at the 5000 level or above with the prefixes FIN, GEB, ISM, MAN, MAR, QMB, or TRA.  MBA Foundation courses will not satisfy this requirement.  See college advisor for prior approval of alternative courses.  

Additional Graduation Requirements

  • Complete a minimum of 30 credit hours
  • Earn a cumulative GPA of 3.0 for all coursework in the program
  • Satisfy all degree requirements within seven years from the time of admission to the program

Transfer Notes and Acceptable Substitutes

Students may transfer a maximum of six credit hours of approved graduate level coursework from a regionally accredited institution. All transfer courses must have been completed within the past six years with a grade of B or higher. The evaluation of academic transcripts and articulation of transfer courses must be approved by the appropriate academic department.

Progression Requirements

  • Maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale throughout the program (see the Probation/Dismissal section of the Graduate Student Guidebook).
  • A student who receives three grades of  "C" or lower is automatically suspended from the program (see the Probation/Dismissal Section of the Graduate Student Guidebook).