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Executive MBA (EMBA)

Executive MBA (EMBA)

Program Requirements for 2016-2017 Catalog Year

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Applications to this program are not being accepted at this time. 

Core courses (36 credits):
ACG 6075 Managerial Accounting (3)
ECP 6705 Managerial Economics (3)
FIN 6406 Financial Management (3)
GEB 6445 Business, Ethics, and Society (3)
GEB 6895 Business Strategy (3)
ISM 6021 Management Info Systems (3)
MAN 6266 The Challenge of Leadership (3)
MAN 6289 Org Development & Change (3)
MAN 6607 Global Organization Issues (3)
MAR 6807 Adv Market Analysis & Strategy (3)
QMB 6305 Statistical Methods for Mgt (3)
TRA 6158 Operations Management (3)


Additional Graduation Requirements

  • Complete a minimum of 36 credit hours.
  • Earn a cumulative GPA of 3.0 for all coursework in the program.
  • Participate in an international study experience.
  • Satisfy all degree requirements within 7 years from the time of admission to the program.